Dan Lee-Archer (the writer of this blog) is also known by children right around the world as Funny Man Dan (FMD for the older kids). Performing for children for over 10 years, he strives to continually produce quality media that will entertain not embarrass your ministry. He is a volunteer on the Hillsong Kids team and is one of the writers and performers for the BIG curriculum and other projects. He is also known as the luckiest guy in the world and if you met his Princess wife and his Little Princess & Little Beauty daughters you would agree.

Whilst FMD does a lot of work on the Hillsong Kids Projects, he is available to work on your projects. He specialises in writing scripts for curriculum’s, performances, television and movies; as well as providing acting and comedy coaching and direction. Additionally he offers a service where you can submit a script or DVD of a performance and he can provide an in-depth report on how to take it to the next level. This is an extremely valuable service for any ministry trying to have maximum impact in today‚Äôs world

For any of these services please contact Dan via email on