Script Frenzy

December 12th, 2013

Hi there.

Script Frenzy is not the clever title of this weeks episode of The Thursday Blog but it is the state of being I have found my life in. I go on holidays in 6 days and for the last 6 days, every night until 1am I have been up writing scripts with Dave Wakerley. This is because a few weeks when I get back we are going to film this new curriculum which is both awesome and scary at the same time.

So now I sit at 11:34pm, rather early on the most part but after a week on 5 hours sleep a night has caught up to me and I still have to clean up after having the cast over for a table read. So on that note I bid you adieu, as I am done like a dinner and just have to get through the next 6 days.

I will talk to you next week, until then please endevour to do what I will make sure I will go in this hectic season….

Have Fun


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