December 5th, 2013

Hi all and welcome to another episode of The Thursday Blog.

So we are on the home stretch for the year. I have only 13 days left until I go on holidays yet for some reason there are 167 days worth of things to accomplish. Now my mother used to say to me “If i’ve have told you once, i’ve told you a thousand times STOP EXAGGERATING”’, so I will admit that is not really 167 days worth, but maybe 164.

At the end of the day I just have to just sit down and do it. I have to stop procrastinating and just get down to business. This is easier said than done. In fact my mind has the ability to interrupt any work with a thought like “YOU MUST CHECK EBAY TO SEE IF THEY HAVE THAT BOOK YOU ARE AFTER” and the next thing I know it is 30 mins later and I am on my third forum on the best quality socks in the market. Sure I learnt what thread count is but it is still not productive.

I find this especially hard at work. Though I am not on Ebay a lot I have the constant balance between working on business building projects and staff development and reacting to the demands of the customer that walk, call or email into our door. So I could be working and then someone needs help with something because some guy from another branch did something so a now a customer has been charged a sum of money. There goes 45 mins and another 10-15mins getting back into what I was doing.

At home it is not any easier as we have a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old. Both of which are an abundant source of joy in my life and both are completely unpredictable. Amazingly awesome but still mind-boggling unpredictable. They could be doing something they have done 100 times without an issue and then change it up when we least expect it. Things such as: Eating, Sleeping, Playing, Sharing, Fighting, Talking, Screaming, and Listening; cannot be taken for granted because at any time they can forget years of training and shock Daddy probably for the fun of it. This means getting things done can be hard, a lot of fun but certainly hard. I still don’t know how my Princess manages to keep up with them during the day and do so much. When I look after them by myself she will come home, the house is a mess and I am in the corner being jumped on by laughing kids.

With so many distractions in life how in the world can anyone get things done?

2 Timothy 1:7
New King James Version (NKJV)
7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Some translations of this scripture replace the sound mind with “self control”. Now this is hard because right now I searched for this scripture on a new tab and came up instead of google. I searched and not a single scripture came up just a bunch of ads for the Spirit of Tasmania (a boat). I finally realised that the searches were over half-way down the page. So I had to disable this but there is nowhere to find the instructions on how to do it – and when I google “change Chrome new tab page”, there were a million hits on how to change it from the new tab page in the latest update to the older style…and the next thing I knew it was 30 mins later and I was booking in a free photography shoot for my family. For my Princess who is now reading this I am only joking……. the photo shoot cost $1400.

During all of these challenges it is really great to know that a sound mind and self control is not something I have to find but it has been placed inside my by God. Sure I have to work on using it more in my life but I don’t have to obtain it because God has already given it to me. This is very very encouraging to me and I hope it is to you too.

Now I better make a start on this blog otherwise it will never get it done, I don’t even have a title!!!

Have Fun.


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