The Gift of Thanks

November 28th, 2013

Hello everybody. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I hope you enjoy today’s episode called

The Gift of Thanks


What a freaking ________ (insert any descriptive word) year it has been. Literally put any word in there and this year has been like it. Let me give you a few

Heart Wrenching – As I held my 3 year old Little Princess as she fought against the anesthetic that would put her asleep so they could remove her gall bladder. As we mourned the passing of 3 friends and families miscarriages and the death of a friends stillborn baby.

Stretching – As we juggled responsibility of a promotion at work, moving to a much busier branch an extra 30 mins away with the greater responsibility of being loving and caring husband and wife as well as good parents to our two little girls. As we faced the health challenges in my family with my brother and sister both hospitalised and in my wife’s family as her only brother, only grandmother and only (of course) mother all spend time in hospital. Her dad is fine, thanks for asking.

Tiring – As I handled the extra travel, extra responsibilities all while trying to make health a priority and commit to exercising regularly. As My Princess handled the two children’s growing up, running, playing, asking questions, being stubborn, not listening. As we became pregnant with our third and My Princess going back to work a day a week as a nurse which means at least twice a month working overnight and then having a full day awake with the kids until I get home that night.

Full of blessing – As my work starting reaping rewards quarter after quarter (something not many managers do). As I celebrated my 30th birthday in style with a road trip to remember. As we saw friends get married and other friends share their news about being pregnant. As our dream came true and My Princess became pregnant with our third world changer.

Full of his presence – As we listened to God’s leadership through a tough season but came out the other side better off. As our relationship with God became closer as we allowed him to carry us during the tough times. As the right resource, person or thought would come at the right time to set us up for the days and weeks to come. As God did a work behind the scenes and revealed his finished work and deliverance.

Full of friendships – As I struggled with the thoughts of if I really have any friends or just people who in general like me like they like the evening news – they find it interesting. but God highlighted those who really care. As new friendships were formed and cemented and ones in the pipeline for years finally blossomed as we got a chance to met face to face and not just stalk each other online.

No here is the thing. I have named 3 fairly hard descriptions of our year and three ultra positive ones. So the point of the story has to be forget about the first three and be thankful for the last 3 but that is not it at all. I wouldn’t change anything that has happened this year. When I moved workplace and I had no idea what to do I experienced God’s leadership and guidance in a way I never had before. When I was home with the kids out of my element as my wife was at hospital looking after her mother who just gave a kidney to her brother,, and the tiredness and exhaustion hit I experienced a strength that I hadn’t needed before. When I held my Grace as the gas caused her body to convulse and cry I experienced the anguish of a father and understood God just a little bit more.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NLT)
“Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”

This has been an amazing year and I give my sincere Thanks to my God whom I love.

Have Fun


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  1. Alex Says:

    Amazing Dan! You guys are awesome! You may be the other side of the planet, but you are valued from Up Over!

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