You just never know

November 1st, 2013

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You just never know

I got an email 4 months ago from a ticketing company telling me that the kids cartoon Peppa Pig had a live show and I could be a part of the pre-sale as I was such a valued customer (along with 10,000,000 other people). I thought to myself “Great, that would make a perfect birthday present for my daughter because it is her favourite show. I will wait 4-6 weeks until I do something about it”. I didn’t think the last part but that is what I did. By the time I decided that it is really was a great idea and I really wanted those tickets the event had completely sold out.

I went into damage control, working out all my options, including flying to another state to get tickets but it was sold out everywhere. I then made a timetable to regularly kick myself. But in the midst of my despair I realised that I was a Christian and I could pray so I did. I was confident that it would work out.

Now when I said sold out that was not entirely true, there was about 1-2 tickets left for a few shows but not together. I then kept looking and I found my answer to prayer. 2 tickets in the same section but not together. I would just leave one seat and have my daughter sit on my lap. I wanted to check with the venue to see if that was ok but it was late Saturday night and I had to wait until Monday. So I bought them there and then, so I now had a way into the show at least. Or so I thought.

A quick call to the Sydney Opera House on Monday revealed that under no circumstance was I allowed to do this. My 3 year old daughter would have to sit by herself and I would have to sit 6 rows back, 31 seats across. Something to do with emergency exits that had been assigned were different blah blah blah. Now I know that some of you are thinking “who cares, I would of just done it” but even our entrance door was different. I don’t know how I could get her in my door, or me in her door, without drawing attention to the fact that our seats were so far apart. I was advised to check the website regularly as they could change my tickets if seats came available (which just so happened today sir, you just missed out) but no refunds allowed.

I think I checked the website too often. My average was 4 times a day with a record of 10. I had to open all 16 performances to see if seats were available so it was a 5 minute effort. So much for the man of faith. Then 2 weeks later I was granted a second chance. Another email from the ticketing agent said that a new venue had just been announced and was on sale now. I got tickets for my daughter and I, 2nd row from the front, dead centre. My problem was sorted.

Except now I had a new problem. One, I had two tickets (not together) that I was not using but the other problem was I was confused. I was so sure that the tickets I originally got were an answer to prayer, yet it is obvious that the second tickets were the answer. I thought I was acting in faith getting the tickets believing it would work out, when maybe I should of had faith that God would make a way. I concluded that the latter was correct and I should be careful not to jump the gun in the future. Until now.

I tried to sell the tickets with no luck. I reduced the price after awhile, now to the point where I was losing about $20 but no one was interested in two tickets that weren’t together. Then on gumtree I found 2 individual people that just wanted single tickets because they had under 2’s and they can sit on your lap for free. I contacted them both and I sold them the tickets for what I paid for them and they were both very grateful. I got an email from one of them saying thanks again, they are really happy I had the ticket because every single ticket in the country is gone. I emailed them back saying that someone must be looking after them, because I just so happened to have the ticket and had come across her “wanted” ad. I finished with a “God Bless” to try and reference who the “someone” was. Her response blew me away.

“Yeah that makes sense… I actually wanted it for my daughters’ father to take her, they haven’t seen each other for a year and the show is on his last day here visiting on his two week trip so it will be really nice memory for them.”

My ticket was for the 2nd day of a 6 day run and it just so happened to be the last day a father is in town who hasn’t seen his own daughter in a year. And I just so happened not to be able to use it, not be able to sell it, and to find her ad and provide her with the ticket. I don’t know if she is a Christian but she definitely acknowledges that a higher power has an interest in her. You never know what impact that may have had in her life.

I thought I had jumped the gun, and not acted in faith when I bought those tickets, but you never know what God has planned for you to be a part of.

Ecclesiastes 1:5 – As you do not know what is the way of the wind, or how the bones grow in the womb of her who is with child, so you do not know the works of God who makes everything.

So if you are in a difficult situation, a challenge at work or family, or you too are checking for tickets every 30 mins you never know what God has in plan for you and how this will work out, not only for you but to impact others.

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