Your next breath

October 11th, 2013

Hello there.

It’s Thursday.

Let’s do this.

“Your next breath”

This week has been nothing short of ……………I can’t find the word. Feel free to read the episode and then comment/tweet/email me an appropriate word to fit the space. The week has had an amazing high and a terrible low and involves the journeys of 2 families.

Journey 1 – There once was a handsome man, we are not talking small town handsome, but so handsome he could be a part time model but doesn’t have the time because he does things like spend time with his family and volunteers at church which in turns shows a deep sense of moral priorities which makes him even more handsome. There also was a woman who if I tried to describe how pretty she was it I would still be writing by next thursday. They fell in love and got married. She became my Princess Jasmine and I became her Aladdin. You can awwww now. Now you realize that I am the handsome man who so humbly described himself downplaying his handsomeness. You can laugh now.

Now Husband and Wife dreamt of having a family and that dream started to come true when a year later after spending their one year anniversary in Paris, we became pregnant. We were over the moon. Then one day our life changed when the doctor said he had concerns and sent us for a scan at only 8 weeks. The scan couldn’t pick up a heartbeat so we waited another week. We prayed and fasted and pleaded for our child to live but no improvement a week later. We still held on praying and believing but by 12 weeks a scan showed our child had gone. The whole story was one of my first blogs called My Son. We say my son because I felt God told me quite clearly that it was a boy at 5 weeks. We named him Samuel.

Fast foward until this week and we are celebrating an incredible high. We not only have 2 indescribably amazing daughters, but we had our 12 week scan to show our newest baby on its way is healthy and strong. As much as we are people of faith, ask any parent to know there is a sigh of relief at your first scan. The first 12 weeks are so critical and I don’t even want to look up the statistics on the number that don’t make it. Ours is healthy and strong and it has 6 more months plus 120 years to live of its world changing life.

Journey 2

Man meets Woman and yes they are both very attractive….. they are friends of ours, of course they are attractive. They get married and have dreams of becoming parents. That dream is delayed as falling pregnant is taking some time. Isn’t it amazing you hear of people getting pregant after a one night stand and have to think if they want to go through with the pregnancy; and yet we have amazing parents that keep trying and trying. They feel led to stop trying for a while and apply to be long term foster parents. What happens next, I can’t explain and I have heard the story 10 times. Something happens with something and while they are waiting to foster a child they end up fostering two young brothers and then shortly after a young baby boy. So they went from married with no kids to married with 3 kids under 5 in a matter of months. I think they got them on Ebay.

Now to top off this amazing family who always seem to be able to adapt to any challenge without fuss, their original dream comes true and they get pregnant. Hey they bought a 8 seater car the more the merrier. They get past their first scan with held breath and all is well. They are having a boy….. to match the 3 boys they already have. They do all the checkups, go to all the birthing classes. There are a lot of good stories of first time parents in the class freaking out about nappies/diaper changes or installing car seats and they are laughing at them. The baby is growing, now it is 34 weeks and their dream is coming true. But this week everything changed.

For no apparent reason their precious child stops moving in the womb. They call the hospital who didn’t seem concerned but brought her in for a checkup. After she was seen they called in her husband and the doctor told them that their child had passed away.

I can’t imagine the pain of carrying the dream for so long and then finding out this news. Then having to go through the experience of giving birth to your child that has already gone to heaven is incomprehensible. All I know is their strong faith in their loving Father is what has got them through this week.

They gave birth to a beautiful, amazing, cherished baby boy that they named Samuel.

I talked to my friend this week. There are so many questions and not many answers, but I will never forget what he said to me: “You can never take this life for granted. I put the boys to bed tonight, did our normal routine and stopped myself getting frustrated with the little things, because even though they were playing up as usual there was 3 human miracles in front of me”.

Isaiah 42:5 “God the LORD created the heavens, and stretched them out.  He created the earth and everything in it. He gives breath and life to everyone in all the world”.

As much as I don’t understand why we don’t have our Sam with us, or why my friend doesn’t have his Sam in his arms I need to understand that every second or everyday is a gift from God and I can’t take any breath for granted.

Sam’s funeral is tomorrow and I want to honour his parents. When we shared on instragram about our baby on the way, my friend Nick was one of the first to comment on our account congratulating us. No bitterness, no jealousy, but just a couple that love to celebrate life and are thankful for every breath God grants them.

Nick, Alana, Mikey, Zack and Cody – We love you very much. Thank you for your example of faith and your belief in love. See you tomorrow.

All my love.

Dan, Jas, Grace, Mya and Bala (Grace’s name for baby)

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  1. Kellesi Says:

    There are no words Dan. Praying for the Family. Much love to them all.

  2. Alana Says:

    Thank you Dan … I didn’t know your story and you have honoured ours by it’s telling
    Much love to you and your family

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