‘Monopoly for one’

October 4th, 2013

Hello everyone. Woah, 3 posts in 3 weeks. Yes I am feeling ok, that you for the barrage of people checking in for a laugh. The best thing is for over 2 years I never missed a thursday, then I missed them so often that not the expectation level is so low I can’t lose. Under promise and over deliver, the solid foundation of any good blog.

Speaking of good blogs, have you read this weeks episode of The Thursday Blog?

See what I did there with that lead in? If you did let me know because I have no idea what I did but it sounded clever.

‘Monopoly for one’

When I was young warthog (1st rule of blogging, get a lion king reference in early) I was in layman’s terms stange. I would do the strangest things that defined all human logic and always was confused when it upset people. For example I had a job to do when I was 8, to walk down the road to the Fish and Chips Shop (independently owned fast food place) and get $2 worth of chips (fries). If you are aged 30 and above you would remember just home much $2 worth of chips would get you. It fed a family of 8….. which is no joke, i come from a family of 8.

So my job was to go down to the shop, buy the chips and come home. I did all that but i couldn’t muster the come home bit because two kids were playing the ‘WWF Wrestling Video Game’ and I stood there and watched for an hour. When I got home I was so confused why my parents were upset, why they had called the whole neighbourhood and went looking for me. It didn’t occur to me that people get worried when people don’t show up. Also that people like their food not to be stone cold.

It also didn’t occur to me that you needed more than one human player in Monopoly. I used to play by myself, not really with an imaginary friend but more of an adversary who was a very generous trader. You would like this would be boring but I loved every second of those games.

Now my childhood was lovely but my behaviour was cause for concern so my good parents sought professional help. There had to be something wrong with me and we needed help? Or was it the total opposite. Well I believe it was both. I definitely needed help to function as a normal human being who eats his food hot and I got that help but I don’t believe that there was anything wrong with me. In fact I have just realised today that what was ‘wrong with me’ is actively helping me in life today.

I have a strange brain. That brain caused me to stand for one hour watching someone else play a game while our food went cold. That same brain thought it was fun to play a board game that is most in need of a second player, and it was fun. That brain causes me to daydream, go into detailed scenarios in my head, get in trouble in class. That same brain causes me never to be bored. That brain sometimes isolates me as I am in my little world but the same brain fights and wins against loneliness.

That is what I realised today. My beautiful Princess, Little Princess and Little Beauty are away for three days. It is late, I am home alone, no one to talk to. I miss them all very dearly but I am not lonely nor can I remember a time where I was. This is not because I am awesome (other battles are so much harder) but it is just because I how I am made.

Psalm 139:14

New International Version (NIV)

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

your works are wonderful,

I know that full well.

So next time you are tempted to feel down about yourself just remember that you never know what is the by-product of how you are.

Have Fun


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  1. bulk cheese Says:

    You don’t have a strange brain, just unique, as we all do. You are an amazing guy and I am so glad you know who you are and who created you. God is good.

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