What was the point of that???

September 26th, 2013

Hi Everyone and welcome to another life- changing episode of The Thursday Blog. Wow, look at me go, two weeks in a row. You can send my medal to GPO Box 999, Wallaby Way, Sydney, Australia.

What a huge week. It is funny ever since posting the last episode my challenges became harder but yet I felt more equipped. When I felt like freaking out I said to myself “think about that great blog you read by that attractive author” and things seemed ok. Plus I complimented myself which always goes down a treat. So that brings us to this week’s episode written by a charismatic male model (shucks):

“What was the point of that???”

I heard an awesome story from a good friend of mine Joel Osteen (speaking in faith), about a lady named Vonetta Flowers who was training to be selected to be a part of the American Olympic Team. She was 20 and she just missed out for sprinting and long jump. So she decided to go for the 2000 Olympic team. This meant 4 more years of training everyday, complete focus and no hotdogs. She did it but she missed out again. What in the world was the point of that???

I remember when I was 18 and I was gifted at Drama. For my final year of school I was in the advanced drama performance class. This was pre-university level drama and the exam was a 2hr play, where I played the lead with over 300 lines including 2 monologues all with a Welsh accent; plus a 3000 word thesis on my character development. I don’t often get to brag about my scholastic achievements but my one claim to fame is that I received an unheard of “Perfect” grade for exam, thesis and the entire year course. Fresh off this success I moved to Sydney to become an actor and I got my first role as a body double, then I proceeded to fail at every audition after that. What in the world was the point of that???

Isaiah 55:9 says “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts”. There just could be a chance that even when we fail to succeed, that God doesn’t see it that way. It may be training us for something much better.

I found that out in my example. I wasn’t that good at auditions and didn’t get any work. There were 3 times where I did really well and almost landed 1) an ad series for Coke; 2) a kids TV show that ran for over 5 years; and 3) a lead in a movie by an Academy Award winning director. I missed out on all three of them and could of thought that God had forgotten about me. In fact that is what I thought. But fast forward 10 years and it all makes wonderful sense. The ad series was terrible; the kids show nothing special; and the movie was worse than horrible. But God has used all the gifts, talents and training to enable me to do what I do now. I get to write, perform and help to create media that gets used all around the world, and I have never had to do one audition. This is much better that if I got any of those parts.

As for our friend Vonetta Flowers, she never made the Summer Olympics team but she did make the Winter Olympics team. Just like Cool Runnings, the bobsled team were looking for an athlete that was good at sprinting and long jump. But it doesn’t stop there – not only did she make the team but she won Gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics; and she also became the first ever African American to win a gold medal. She wanted to make a team, but God’s plan was to have her go down in the history books.

So if you face something, no matter how small and think “what was the point of that” you can rest assured that God knows the answer.

Have Fun.


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  1. bulk cheese Says:

    Awesome read. very encouraging, thanks

  2. bulk cheese Says:

    Awesome read. That very encouraging, thanks

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