Week 9

February 28th, 2013

Hello everybody

I do apologise for it being six weeks since my last episode. I don’t know why but it has been really hard to do this and each week I miss it I feel more guilty so I miss it again. That is exactly why most people quit the one year bible, so I just had to be brave, suck up my pride, admit there is no excuse and just jump back on the horse. If you have stopped reading the bible in the last 6 weeks just jump back on. Don’t try and reason it; just do it.

Gosh we have covered a lot over the last 6 weeks but the story I want to pick is the story of Moses when he was a little child.

As we read, Pharaoh was killing all the newborn sons because he was scared of God’s people. So to save Moses his sister took him to the river and floated him in a basket down the river. The daughter of Pharaoh saw him and adopted him. But there is one part of the story that I kind of glossed over right up until a few years back and it is now my favourite part of the story. What is it? Well let me tell you another story that has something similar and then have a guess.

There is an amazing preacher from America called Jerry Savelel and he had a story that knocked my socks off. Just when he first started as a travelling preacher he met a man who worked for an airplane company. There will be a lot of facts from this story that will be taken out like I have no idea what airplane company so let’s roll with it. The man took Jerry to see that company’s very first private executive jet they had ever made. It was the only one made at the time, then they rolled them out as they were quite successful. Jerry was amazed at the plane and as as he was walking away from it God spoke to him and said “Claim that plane into your ministry”. At the time he didn’t even have a ministry but he did it anyway.

Now this is a long story about faith and sowing as he believed for it and sowed for it including giving away his own plane that he got for his now huge ministry, but that is not what I love about the story and what I love about the Moses and Miriam story.

In Jerry’s story at the end due to a miraculous set of circumstances that couldn’t of been planned, a friend of his had the same type of plane that he had believed for for 30 years. He had just bought it, and got it fixed up, but it wasn’t the right fit for him so he sold it to Jerry. But get this, it turned out that plane was of course, the original executive plane, the first one the company ever made. Jerry had gotten the exact plane he prayed for. Isn’t that amazing.

This is what I love to call God’s icing on the cake, doing things that are so impossible on top of things that are so impossible just because He can and He loves us.

So my favourite part is not that Moses happened to be miraculously discovered by Pharaoh’s daughter, and that she loved him and adopted him (so the very person that was trying to kill him, his daughter is now protecting him). That is impossible and is a miracle. But get this, the Princess says out loud “I need a maid to raise this child” (because that is not what princess’ do back then I guess) and Miriam spoke up and suggested……. Moses’ Mum.

So Moses’ Mum was able to bring up Moses completely safe from the danger everyone else had to deal with and get this…. SHE GOT PAID TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine how Miriam’s head would of been spinning on the way to tell her mum! “Hi Mum, you know that child of yours who you spent the last three days crying over as you had to hide him and you were never going to see him again and you can’t see how he would survive? Yeah, he is fine, he is a Prince now and you have a full time job looking after him for full pay. I think that worked out ok”.

God is amazing, never forget that.

Have Fun.


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