Bible Club

December 31st, 2012

Hi there.

It is almost the new year and I would like you to join me in reading the whole bible in a year.

So are you in? Great, here are the guidelines:

1. Don’t read ahead – See previous episode.

2. Remember the aim of the game is to read a little bit each day. Try to the best of your ability to read the daily reading, even if you only do a little bit of the reading it is better than nothing. But it is ok if you miss a day, just use guideline three.

3. If you miss, move on. A big trap is when you miss a day you feel like you need to read two full days the next day. But that is a 100% increase and hard to do, especially if it is late at night and you forgot to read it again. So I suggest just move on. Make a note of what you have missed and either skip that day or be a day behind. On the bible app you can click a button that says ‘Catch me up’ and this will bring you up to date and just push out the finish date by a day. Now if you get a chance later and you feel up to reading more then catch up but no stress. Worst case you will read the bible in one year and one day. Who cares – remember guideline 2.

4. Don’t make it harder than it is. Sometimes the bible is not the easiest thing to read and understand. Remember simply reading God’s word is good for you, even if you don’t fully understand it at the time. Don’t force yourself to go over and over it if you don’t want to. It is 15 mins a day reading, it doesn’t have to be 2 hours (unless you want it to be).

5. Keep yourself accountable. Now this doesn’t have to be a buddy but that is always a good one. What I did recently was post on twitter when I finished. This time I am blogging weekly about it so I know I am going to read it. Anything that helps remind you – hopefully before bed.

So those are the guidelines, here are the instructions:

1. For iphone and android users download for free the app ‘The Bible’ by ‘YouVersion’. Then go to browse plans, full year bible plans, then ‘One Year Bible’. The one year bible is great because it has a bit of everything each day, some old testament, some new testament, a psalm and a proverb.

2. For those who are bringing paper back and using an actual bible go to here and it has the full years readings.

3. Check out each thursday for a thought on the weeks’ readings. Feel free to comment and let us know what you got out of it.

4. Read the thing.

5. Invite others to join. They can join anything during the year and come along. You may start in the middle and read on and then finish the bible in 2014….. which would be awesome!!!

What I believe is that this year is going to be such a great year to sow and plant and this time you devote to God and studying His word will be extremely beneificial.

So there is nothing left to say except for -

Have Fun and Happy New Year


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  1. June Harris Says:

    I’m in! I choose a different reading plan and Bible version each year to change things up. Haven’t used the “One Year Bible” yet. Looking forward to it.

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