Bible Reading Plan – tip #1

December 14th, 2012

Hi There.

It has been a few weeks but I have been travelling. I find myself just arrived in San Francisco, sitting down after a big day’s driving.

Lots to tell you but instead there is something more important to talk about and that is next year’s bible reading club. So here is …

Tip 1 – Never Read Ahead

We are about to embark on a journey that a lot of people have set upon before but may not have made it to revelation. We are going to read the bible from cover to cover in a year. I feel like I am qualified to lead this group as I have not only completed 5 different full bible plans; but I have also failed about 8 other times. And each time I have learnt something different that has helped me the next time. I am going to share these over:

1. Never read ahead!!!

Now most would think the rule would be never miss a day but we are all human and we will miss a day or two but the trap nearly everyone makes is that they get so excited at the start of the plan that they read ahead and they really read ahead. I knew a youth pastor who told me how excited she was with her one year bible plan that she was at Numbers by the end of January. That is an amazing amount of reading in a month, but come March she had given up. Why? It was because she gotten so far ahead she thought it was ok to miss days when it was a little tough to read that day. One day turned into another and another and before long she was behind and had given up.

When we start on Jan 1 you may be pumped that you are finally doing this so you will be tempted to start strong and read 2 or three days but this plan is flawed because the aim of the game is not to read the whole bible, but to read the bible every day! People make the same mistake when getting into exercise. They go for a 5km run on their first day and then are too sore to go again during the week. Exercise is more effective when it is done regularly. You can’t just exercise for 3.5 hours once a week and think that is the same as 30 mins a day. It doesn’t work that way (though we wish it did).

At the end of 2013 when we all have read the entire bible from cover to cover I pray that you will have a new sense of hunger for the bible that can only be satisfied on a daily basis. We want it to become our daily bread and committing to this plan will make it just that.

If you are interested in joining us in this reading plan subscribe to this blog and all the info will come out shortly.

Have Fun.


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