Let’s do it – The One Year Life-Changing Challenge

November 22nd, 2012

Hello everybody. Change is in the air…. can you smell it?

I have been on a journey for the last 80 something days and it is due to come to an end soon. But I want to set out on another adventure and I want as many as you to come with me. Let me explain in today’s episode called:

Let’s do it – The One Year Life-Changing Challenge

This year has been crazy and a part of me has just survived through it. I have been riding the wave of circumstance and even though the waves were big, what has happened this year has been both awesome and sad (separate events), still I was simply riding. What would happen when the waves stopped?

In fact a lot of things in my life that I had previously done to make traction in my life were being forgotten about or left to the side. This could be seen in my devotion to reading the bible.

I wasn’t doing much of it, not enough to call myself an apostle and sit at the high seats at the synagogue. Now obviously it was a hard time in my life as I turned to crime, drugs, rock n roll, and even fake hair extensions. But here is the thing, none of what I said in the last two sentences was true. I was growing close to God as I was going through one of the biggest faith journeys of my life.

Now hold on, I am not saying don’t read your bible as you don’t need it to have a relationship with God; but when it comes down to it you don’t. God loves you regardless whether you read the bible or not. But it helps so much in so many ways when you do.

I have read the bible from cover to cover 4 times and have been reading it for over 10 years. It is amazing how much of it helped me during my time of challenge even when I wasn’t reading it that day or week or on occasion month. We all go through seasons and what often kept me in that season is simply guilt. I felt guilty that I didn’t read it, didn’t put God first and didn’t love Him, so I chose not to do it again the next day. How stupid is that? But if I took away the guilt then I am free to choose and I choose life.

So 82 days ago I said stuff this “feeling bad I didn’t read it again” feeling, I am just going to do it and get an overload. So I started the bible in 90 days. It is crazy quick. I finished Genesis by day 4, Psalms took over a week. The distribution is a little funny as on the first day of Psalms I had 24 to read, but on day 6 I had 28 to read including Psalm 119. I did a lot of listening to the audio reading and usually a chapter was 3-5 mins, a Psalm 1-3 mins; but Psalm 119 took 19 whole minutes. It was awesome.

So I am so glad 82 days ago I said – Stuff it – Let’s do it, and I am. So come the first of January I want to do it all again but embark on a one year adventure as we read the whole bible in a year. We are going to do the One Year Bible that is available on “you version” on your smart phone for free, also I will be posting the year’s plan on this blog so you can read in a paper bible if you have heard of them. In fact you can buy this bible from most Christian bookshops with this plan integrated in it. The One Year Bible is the most popular one-year reading plan ever. It gives you a bit of Old testament, a bit of New, a bit of a Psalm and a Proverb everyday. This makes it much easier especially when you get to the building instructions to the tabernacle you can read on and hear what Jesus is up to as well as get inspired by a Psalm and get some wisdom as well.

More details will come but for now, will you join me and my friends (I am telling everybody I know to join with me) and read the bible in a year. If you have never done it before then 2013 is your year. If you have done it many times then why don’t you join with others around the world who are giving it a go. Now if you have never read the bible in your life then this will be one interesting ride that I hope you come on. I am sure there will be plenty of reasons not to but Stuff it – Let’s do it.

Have Fun.


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    Count me in mate!

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