Be there in 5

October 25th, 2012

Hello everyone and welcome to another amazing episode of The Thursday Blog.

Things have been things recently. I don’t want to say busy, hectic, out of control, challenging; so instead I will say that things have just been things.  Sometimes it helps not to box everything and let it just be.

Speaking of just being, that is exactly what I will do by launching into today’s episode called:

Be there in 5

I have been trying to organise something lately and everything is on hold whilst I wait. As much as I am a cool customer I have checked my email every 1 – 3 …….minutes for the last 3 days. They said it could take up to two weeks for it to be ready but part of me thinks that 1 to 2 days is more likely and therefore I should receive a call or email any minute. Talk about disappointment.

Now here is the funny thing if I didn’t have this silly belief that I am going to be really lucky and have it ready way early, then I would be in a much better frame of mind. In fact if I told myself that it would be 3-4 weeks then when it does arrive in 2 weeks I will be ecstatic rather than worn out from waiting. It just goes to show how our expectations can change everything.

I was once hanging out with a friend of mine who had a communal work car and was supposed to be back at 12pm so someone else could use it. 12pm came and we were stuck in traffic and his phone rang. My friend apologised and then said something baffling: “I will be there in 10 mins”. Now I knew the area quite well and I knew that it was only physically possible to get back in 10 mins if it was 2am on a school night! With traffic it would be at least 15-20 mins and it turned out to be the latter. By the time my friend got back the other person was furious as they had been waiting so long. Since that day I made a decision to be clever when setting expectations.

So this is what I would do in that same situation. I would apologise and say “I am going to be 25 mins”. Now the person will be upset with me and rightly so as I am late, but he has 25 mins to calm down. Now when I get there after 20 mins, he has calmed down and I am now early!!! But in my friend’s case after 10 mins he was late for a second time and the person had another 10 mins for their rage to build.  So in both cases we were late and he was upset, but in my case I was early and it is funny how those two things cancel each other out.

There has to be reason to this method. I am sure it is not wise to say to My Princess “I am off to the cornerstore to get eggs, I will be back in 7 hours” just in case there is traffic…. whilst walking. But it is interesting to catch yourself saying things like “I will be there in 5” or “I can do that straight away” or “sure I can tame a lion, give me 30 mins”. What is it that makes us tell people what they want to hear then not deliver?

In the business world we call it “managing expectations” and I think it is something we should try more often.

Now if you will excuse me I need to check my email.

Have Fun.


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