Waiting on creativity

October 5th, 2012

Hi everyone and welcome.

Well It the night before kidsfest and all through the house I was still awake waiting for Dave Wakerley to call so I can pitch him my idea for tomorrow’s performance. Yes I know this should of been worked out a while ago but I have been………………., that is it I have been. I don’t want to say busy because that is a cop out so I am just going to go with I have been. But there is one other reason why I haven’t come up with the idea until last night for a performance for hundreds of children tomorrow, and that is the title of today’s episode.

Waiting on creativity

It is tough gig trying to come up with ideas for performances sometimes. I have one goal, make the children laugh and set up the rest of the program. Seeing my job is to be entertaining there is a wide scope of things I could do. People seem to love that Charlie bit my finger video but where are I going to get a small child by the name of charlie who is teething with an english laugh. I could teach a cat to play piano but that would take days…… possibly years. Or I could tell jokes, or write a song, or dance, or dance which telling a joke about writing a song. The opportunites are endless and out of those thosands possibllites there is 990 that will not work and will fail misreabelly.

I remember last year at our colour womens conferrence I had an incredible idea that was going to be the next big thing but it fell flat on its face. I couldn’t hit the ground harder. And the funny thing was I thought it was salvageable so I did it again at the 2nd week of conferrence with my tweeks and it bombed even harder. The worst wsa i realised that it has bombed about 4 mins in with no hope of return. Oh the pain,

This sort of pain is one of the motivators to prepare and prepare well but sometimes there is a very good reason why we can’t do that. It is because the creativity is not there. I have to wait for it, with faith that it would come.

The best example of this was my last three years of performances at Kidshaper conference in Melboune. My first performance three years ago was one I had done before and it went fairly well so I went to the job of planning the next year straight away and I got nothing. I played around with ideas that all didn’t have legs so in the end I gave up and prayed that something would come. Then, just about the time I needed to start working on it I pitched an idea at Dave who totally ignored it and said ‘ You need to do an interpretive dance’ to which the infamous Eye of the Tiger Dance was born.

That performance the next year was out of this world. You don’t basically jump all over Steve Adams the kids pastor from Saddleback Church and not make an impact, at least just on Steve. It was one of those performances that just all worked which brings a lot of happiness but also the fear that next year we have set ourselves up to fail as we couldn’t possibly beat that performance. Well up to 3 weeks before kidshaper this year that was the case as I had no idea what I would do. Nothing was coming to me or Dave who got dragged into this. But for some reason I knew it would be ok.

So what happened? An idea came, and it was good. Very very very good. It was a complete risk, something we had never done before but it paid off beautifully. But none of it would of happened if I forced out an idea and ran with it weeks beforehand. I guess our need for faith comes in all sorts of little packages.

So tomorrow will be fun. i hope the idea flies, but even if it doesn’t I am excited for the part I get to play in the impacting of hundreds of children tomorrow.

Have Fun


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