Limited dreams

September 20th, 2012

Hello everyone!!!

Woah, what is this. Two posts in two weeks? What kind of madness is this?? It must be a lunar eclipse as it only happens once every 2.5 years!!!!

Now I deserve that taunt, but it did hurt and you should see someone about your anger issues.

Let’s get into this week’s episode:

Limited dreams

I have been watching X-Factor. With our lives, My Princess and I had decided that we couldn’t take on any more tv shows. Very similar to a conversation we might have with a direct sales person who approaches you on the street to give monthly to a charity; we said “I know it is a good tv show, but we already support a number of good tv shows and we are not able to extend that support to your tv show today”. But on a late saturday night, when My Princess was forcing me to stay awake with her while she did a few things, we watched the whole week’s repeats of X-factor that were showing back to back and we got hooked.

For those who don’t know what X-Factor is it is basically another singing contest, like The vVice, American Idol, and the 42nd Annual Texas Country Fair. The show was started by the Englishman Simon Cowell, who also started the (insert country here)’s Got Talent. That man is impressive and his shows and his record label were so successful he used to be a billionaire. That was until he created and signed “One Direction”. He is now a “freakingloadedwithcountlessamountsofcash-anaire”.

So here is the premise. Take a whole bunch of people, most of them with stories of struggle and pain, they sing their hearts out on national television and the judges pick and choose and whittle the numbers down until there are only 12 left to which the Australian public decide for the small cost of 55 cents per vote :) Side note – I hope the person who invented the concept of people voting for a small fee is earning a commision from each vote. Then he would also be a “freakingloadedwithcountlessamountsofcash-anaire”.

Now by the time we get to the top 12 these people are very very talented and they all have a dream – to make it in the music industry. They want to be the next big thing with recording contracts, sold-out tours and maybe a bus with their name on it. They want to be a success and have a career in music and be famous for what they do. They want it all, it is their dream. But there is one little problem – it is a limited dream.

Limited dreams is a funny way to describe what they want. One could say they are dreaming big and that only the sky is the limit, but in fact their dreams are extremely limited as they exist in a realm of finite possibilities. Let me explain:

We have 12 people who all can sing and sing well and they all have this dream to make it? But is there room for 12 new successful artists in the Australian music industry? Maybe but that’s really pushing it. Think about how many new artists really find success each year? The number isn’t a large one. But what about the other 12 that made it to the last round before the finals? They all have the same dream – is there room for 24? Most definitely not. What about the 50 that got to the round before, or the 140 the previous round, or the 2,000 people who auditioned. All of them share the same dream – is there a possibility that they could all make it? Not in the slightest.

Now these people are dreaming big and they don’t just want to be an Australian success but an international superstar. How many of them exist? Not that many, I am guessing less than 100. But the people who want a lifelong career in music, and to have a global impact on the world, is a much smaller group. Yet there are 12, or 24, or 50 or 140 or 2000 people from Australia who want that dream!!!

When I turned 18 I moved to Sydney to become a famous actor. I am now famous but I am still working on my acting. I thought that I would have international success, be the most famous actor in the world and have global impact. Now unfortunately no one else was given that update and I kept on not getting roles. How dare they?

Well life slowly changed and I grew up a lot and my focus changed. Now I find myself working in a bank, with a mortgage, married with two children and guess what……. I am living my dream. Yes I am not in a job that I want to do for the rest of my life, and I have dreams of doing some big things for God in the area of children’s entertainment; but my biggest dream of all is to be a loving husband, a loving father and a loving son of the Living God. If I never do anything else I have seen my most important dreams come to pass and for that I am very grateful. The best part is my dreams are not limited to opportunity, chance, luck, or contacts, but only limited by my choices – and I choose to live it everyday.

Have Fun, Dream Big.


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