September 13th, 2012

Hello, I am still here.

By now I am sure our relationship has changed from a mutual understanding of giving and taking on a regular basis, to more of a low expectation understanding that you are very happy to see me when I arrive but you haven’t cooked dinner for me. All good relationships go through seasons and during this one I obviously need to eat before I pop over. I have stuck to at least every three weeks and I am hoping to get that up to more, in the same way I am hoping to exercise more. It will happen, soon, I hope.

So without further ado let’s jump into this week’s episode called:


I hate DIY – Do It Yourself jobs for one very valid and understandable reason. I have to Do it…. myself. This concept is so strange to me when it comes to things done by hands. My hands and I have a very simple relationship. They pass me things on a daily basis, instrumental for feeding and dressing myself, and offer me a suitable reaction when someone puts out their hand when I met them. But the one thing that I never thing I could use them for is to build things.

I can never get over that things are built, from scratch. I know trees are made of wood, and tables are made of wood but I can’t see how a tree turns into a table. Or how do you build a kitchen? Or a house? It is like every material in my mind exists completely separately and they cannot be combined. So when you think like that, any DIY jobs are off the table. It is not because I don’t want to do a common job, but because there is no possible way I can work out how to do it.

But recently, actually this morning I fell for the trap of a DIY job. I decided to do something that is very easy, very simple and would save me money very quickly and potentially for a long time and I didn’t have to build anything. I decided to cut my own hair.

Now I know some of you are already laughing at the stupidity of the idea but hear me out. All I do, for the last 6 years is simply shave my head and let it grow, then when it gets too long, shave my head again. I normally have a level 4 which is fairly short. It seems really easy how they just go over it with the 4 attachment and that is it. I can surely do it myself. I then saw how much the kits were. $24!!!! I normally pay $15-20 to get my head shaved, this would pay for itself the second cut. So this morning I woke up early and cut my hair.

There must be a reason the hairdressers don’t buy $24 head shavers from Kmart and I found out why. This thing didn’t cut, it pulled the hair out. It was so very painful but I have started and I had to finish. I didn’t know what to start on as the kit I bought didn’t have the normal levels so I just started with a guess. The guess was wrong and it looked bad, so I went shorter. That look bad, so I went shorter. Long story short after a comedy of errors I now have no hair. That is right I didn’t get my level 4, I got a level 0.

Why in the world did I think I could do this?????? Surely it shouldn’t be that hard but it was harder. Surely a full grown man should be able to give a simple haircut but it turns out that one can’t.

So once again I retire my DIY hat. I need to accept that I can’t do many many things and I need to let those who can do them and do them well, to do it for a nominated payment. I need to accept that when I tell others they will tell me how much money I could’ve saved doing it myself and all I needed was a bunch of things I have never heard of. I need to accept me for who I am, even if I have no hair.

Have Fun.



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  1. Wade Says:

    haha Maybe next time you can get you wife to shave your head for you instead of trying to do it your self. As I can see you have already found this out your self but it’s harder then you think to shave your own head. So take a lesson from the monkeys, get someone else to do the grooming for you :)

    Love to pic by the way.

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