Unheard of – Part 4

June 22nd, 2012

Ok, where were we.


Well yes.

Oh, ok go on then.

Before I do I will let you know that my unexplained absence has a very good explanation but for the context of the story it can’t be revealed right now…but I will give you a teaser by saying that I ended up in a place that I never thought I would. No it was not Mexico.

This sounds fantastic. How about you go to the title and get on with it.

I don’t mind if I do.

Unheard of – Part 4

Where I left you was a family who had been blessed by God and bought a unit which was perfect for their small family but the father of the family (that’s me) had a hunch it was time to move on to bigger and better things. He found a place that was bigger and better but he wasn’t in a position to buy plus his Princess didn’t feel right about the place so he let it go. Knowing that his Princess is very rarely wrong when she has a gut feeling about something he knew this was the right choice. It disappeared off the market.

So I was still looking out there for places to buy but there was none like this place. They were all units, mostly with stairs or elevators, all with crazy high maintenance bills and not that much more space. Most of them were only 100 square metres which is a lot more than our 68 square meters we had but was still not a huge space. Plus all of them didn’t have the option of being able to access without stairs or lifts which would make life so much easier for My Princess with our Little Princess and our Little Beauty that had just joined us. But one day a few weeks before Easter something amazing happened. Another property in the same building as the one we let go which was just like the other one came on the market. I forwarded the email to My Princess to see what she thought about this one and to my surprise she loved it!!! The really funny thing was that we didn’t realise until a few hours later that it was the same one as before, just now vacated.

But the fact of the matter was we were in a better position to pursue this so we went after it. The next day I jumped on the phone and started calling real estate agents to see about the chances of selling our unit so we could buy this one. The process sounded simple, we buy this new place and negotiate a 3 month settlement and in that time we sell our one then move into there. There was no one living in there so we could have a week to move all our stuff in before selling ours and it would all work out great. From our talks with the agent (of the place we wanted to buy) the seller would be happy to negotiate such terms if we agreed on a price. So we set about trying to sell our unit.

We saw three agents to sell our house. The first one told us he charged the lowest fees (which he did) and would give us $3000 worth of internet advertising. WOW!!! The second one charged the most and we had to pay $2000 in advertising but it did include a lot of it, not just internet. Finally the last guy, that we were nearly not going to meet because we were sold on the first guy; we ended up seeing and we are so glad we did. He didn’t talk about what freebees he would give us but he talked about the local area, the current market, his recent sales in the area, the upcoming trends, his existing database etc. The guy was a whizz and filled us with so much confidence that we chose him, even though he valued our unit at a much lower price that the other two. We told him we want to sell, for the right price but also quick enough to buy this other place.

We inspected the unit we wanted to buy and we took a lot of photos. For some reason we are not super super excited about it but it doesn’t make sense. It ticks every box and more. It is big (140 sqm), it has direct entry from the street (which is rare but extremely valuable to us) and it has all the bells and whisles like a nice kitchen, internal laundry etc. So it is a no brainer that we need to buy this unit. But when I started talking to the agent about the price he become very unreasonable. They wanted a little too much over our budget and wouldn’t even talk. He said they already had offers but they want the asking price (which is $9k over our max max budget). I said I would be in touch.

So we were at a crossroads. Do I make an offer at our max and see what happens? I wrote the email of offer but at the last minute I decided to wait. Our first open home was due soon and I wanted to wait until we got an indication of what price we could get. So we left it to chance hoping that no one else would buy it. In the meantime we took my Princess’ parents to check it out and everything changed. Due to their wisdom they pointed out some obvious security risks that the apartment had and it looked like we needed to spend another $10 -$15k fixing that and adding storage (because there was none) totally blowing our budget to bits. Suddenly the place and my dream of upgrading was once again was out of reach.

But only 3 days later our world got turned completely upside down as we faced the toughest challenge we have ever had as a family.

More next week.

Have Fun


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