Unheard of – Part 3

May 31st, 2012

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Boy meets Girl

Boy gets to know Girl

Boy discovers that Girl is the most amazing woman in the world and marries her before his absolutely incredible luck runs out.

Luck continues as they buy their first apartment and have a beautiful girl of their own.

Luck which now Boy discovers is sheer undeserved blessing does not end, with a second beautiful girl last Christmas Eve.

Boy brings Girl and Little Girl and Newborn Girl home from the hospital……

Now I am the kind of guy that is on a quest to try and live more and more simpler as I get older; therefore living in a tiny little unit for 3 years hasn’t been a drag at all. In fact we have loved every moment of it. We laugh that you can stand anywhere in our unit and talk normally and can have a conversation with anyone in any other part of the unit. I have never ever felt cramped or that it was too small until that day. I walked in holding my newly born Little Beauty, looked at my unit and thought, “I need a bigger place”.

That thought quickly disappeared with logic. I know that we can fit two kids in our unit. Yes there will be a lot of shared space and we will have to max out every bit of space we can, but it is achievable. My hunch turned out to be right and it has been fine. We haven’t felt cramped or that our unit is too small since, but that thought did get me thinking. So I created a “what if” excel spreadsheet.

I played around with the thought of what if we sold this unit, got a decent price and looked for another place to buy. This spread sheet was so basic it didn’t even get saved but it started me on the journey. I had a rough idea of what we could now afford seeing our unit would sell for a high price (seeing as that is so easy and all!) so I started looking and a few weeks later I found a place.

I was over the moon but looking back I have no idea why. I was excited to purchase a place using a deposit from the sale of a unit that I hadn’t sold, for a price that I hadn’t received and using a bank loan that I hadn’t got nor even can service on my income. It didn’t matter, I had found a place.

Now what I discovered in my research is that our budget allowed us to get some (not all) 3 bedroom units in the areas we wanted. The budget could in no way get us a house or a townhouse, even though deep down that is what I would love as it is one step closer to a free-standing house; which if you can get one in Sydney you are extremely blessed. But what I had found was a great substitute. It was a ground floor unit that had direct access to a little cul-de-sac. This meant you could park downstairs in the garage but it also meant you could park on the street and walk directly into your unit through your courtyard. This was a great bonus with two kids as you could push a pram directly into your place making life easier. Stairs and children are not the best combination for a parent and any chance to avoid them is a real treat.

So I had found a great alternative to a unit that is kind of like a townhouse but much cheaper. I was so excited I told my Princess, who took a look at it and didn’t like it.

Gutted I kind of gave up on the quest to upgrade and enjoyed being a father of two and a husband of one (a phrase where you don’t want to mix up your numbers). It was probably for the best. There was tenants in the unit anyway with a few months left of the lease, plus we weren’t really ready to sell so I conceded that we would miss out on this place. But the strangest thing happened. The unit I wanted didn’t sell.

Week after week I would check and it would still be there. It would survive each inspection and still be there the next week. I held onto the little hope that one day that would be mine in the right time………….. until it disappeared off the market :(

And that was it. We decided to stop looking and are still living in our unit.

Have Fun


Jokes -that is not the end of the story and it gets so good that some would say that it is unheard of!

Have Fun


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