I won’t stop swinging

April 20th, 2012

Have you ever seen The Last Samurai? It is a movie about a guy wondering around New York looking lost. And there was a scene where Tom Cruise was sent to fight the Samurai with guns and it didn’t work. Mainly because they had those guns where you must pack them with gun power after each shot, and they also had Billy Connolly as one of the leaders and he kept telling everyone to get an ING savings account (a little joke for the Aussie’s). But anyway, everyone died except for Tom Cruise (he must of used his mission impossible skills), who faced a circle of Samurai armed only with a flag.

This part of the movie was enthralling as he waived that flag around and around holding the Samurai at bay. On the outside he had no chance of survival especially when a Samurai stepped forward to take him on, one on one. But Tom kept swinging, he kept fighting, he would not give up until someone finally defeated him. Well that never happened as he took that flag and somehow defeated his opponent.

Well that is how I am feeling right now. We had felt very strongly about taking a step of faith and look to find a bigger home to house our growing family. This involves putting our unit on the market and looking for another to buy. Well we found a new place and it is awesome and really rare to find. It is under priced by about 20 – 50k because the bank is selling it due to a company defaulting on the loan. This has meant to purchase it provided so many hurdles, each we have tackled one by one. Through countless hours of careful preparation, negotiation and seeking expert advice we are ready to sign and purchase this property. But in the 11th hour the Samurai has invaded and has surrounded me only armed with a flag.

I won’t go into detail on what the issue is but let’s just say it is our biggest challenge yet and with the least possible time to deal with it. Just when we thought everything was going to be ok this comes and knocks me off my feet.

But I still have a flag

and I won’t stop swinging.

If this purchase doesn’t happen then so be it but I will continue fighting even if the odds are stacked against me. This Samurai is going to have to rip my flag out of my hands and leave me lying on the floor before I will admit defeat. The promised land was full of giants and it took a war to claim it. Yes this is only a house but I am still confident that God has led me to this property and He is going to help me to claim it.

But now, I must sleep because tomorrow I have a lot of flag waving to do.

Have Fun.


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