Of Course

March 30th, 2012

Hello there.

So here is the deal. It is very very very late and my car blew up and it took me awhile to get home after filming tonight because my car blew up. I called the roadcare service but they kindly let me know that because I hadn’t registered this car (my other car had been a member for 10 years) that the cost of joining was double if I wanted them to come out tonight.

What in the world was I to do. I could still drive the car but it was smoking a lot and I really need to talk to my mechanic to work out the best way forward. So I gave Dave a call.

Now let’s think about it, Dave had left the same time as me to drive home. The way home is you drive for 2 km then you turn onto a freeway for the entire trip home. Calling Dave was almost a silly thing to do as he would for sure be on the freeway, halfway home by now and even if he wanted to, he could not turn around. But I called anyway and of course he had stopped for petrol before the freeway and of course he was just around the corner and of course he had one spare spot in the car for me.

Now re-read that last sentence I just wrote. How many times have we said a similar sentence but all with negative outcomes. Of course I missed my train, of course I was late for work, of course an important client called and we couldn’t help them because I wasn’t at work, and of course…….. Stop and compare these two sentence. One is thinking negative and the other positive, which would you prefer?

I know positive thinking doesn’t guarantee that nothing negative doesn’t happen; but it does make it seem to happen less. I am not surprised when things work out my way because I expect them to, and I am shocked when things don’t’.

So that is my quick fire life lesson and of course you really enjoyed it, and of course it is going to help you and of course you are going to share it with your friends and of course this blog is going to continue to be awesome. If none of this happens, I will be genuinely shocked :)

Have Fun.


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