Do everything but trust God

March 22nd, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen; welcome to The Thursday Blog, the only blog on the internet that gives you a pay-per-joke experience*

So there is a lot happening in my world at this moment and just when I feel like I have it all under control something comes to try and wipe me out. When that happens, I always get tempted to:

Do everything but trust God


It is funny, even though I am not the manliest man I still feel the need to be a man with a capital M. Sure I am not a fan of the sun; hate getting wet; and DIY (do it yourself) projects for me mean DDIAA (don’t do it at all) or WAC (write a cheque); but there are some times when I feel it necessary to be the rock of all rocks and carry my family and solve all our problems. Well the other night I was incapable of solving anything.

We had just had a fun Sunday spending time with my sister from Tasmania who came up to Sydney for the Colour Your World Conference. Then that night my Little Beauty of all of 12 weeks old (Mya) began wheezing (she already had a cold). We called the after-hours doctor and we talked it through with them and decided hospital was the best idea just in case. So for the 4th night in a row I stayed at home with my Little Princess and did our night ritual, which begins with dinner and finishes with bed a couple of hours later. I was being strong, tough, and a rock for my family until 1 min after putting my Little Princess to bed I ended up in my bed in the foetal position with intense stomach pains. This rock had become a marshmallow and was hurting bad.

So we called the after-hours doctor again and they sent someone around who gave me an injection for the vomiting & pain, and we hoped it would go away by the morning (otherwise it was gastro or appendicitis). I was very down for I couldn’t do anything to help my family. But here is the thing – I could have done something very useful that I didn’t think of doing. I could have prayed and trusted God to help us.

Isn’t that funny that I wished I wasn’t sick so that I could look after my child who was sick, instead of believing God to get us both better. In the end that is exactly what happened, we were both much better in the morning and I could even go to work (though my daughter took the day off). That would have saved a lot of stress and heartache if I had just trusted God even when I had all the options.

I caught myself out again today trying to do everything except trust God, when I received a letter to do Jury Duty. I have been called to Jury Duty 3 times in the last 4 months. The first time I got an exemption due to having a baby on the way; but the next time I didn’t. It came at a really really bad time. I had just got back from a 4 week holiday (due to Mya being born), and I was called for Jury Duty for another 2+ weeks. I had only been at my job for 3 months and I had a lot of work to do with my team so really couldn’t afford the time off. I put in for an exemption but it was knocked back. I had to go and I thought this would really have a negative impact on my work.

However the night before I had to call up a message service to see if my group was needed which it was not; it was just on standby. The next night I called and we were excused. I had worried for nothing when I could have just trusted God that He would look after me.

Now I have been called again, and again it is not great timing but much better than before. Today I was thinking about all my options to try and get another exemption. What could I do in my power to make sure I was looked after? Finally I stopped myself and relaxed. I simply have to trust God – If going to Jury Duty is going to impact my work I will be excused; and if I do serve (which I don’t mind doing) then things at work are going to be fine.

Some may say that that is a scary decision but I beg to differ. It is not scary, but releasing. Now I don’t have to spend a single bit of energy plotting, scheming and worrying, and I can use that energy praying………… and writing this blog.

Have Fun.


*So a man walked into a hospital with a tree growing out of his arm and the doctor said………………….
…………………please insert $5 dollars to continue.

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