The one laugh that counts

March 15th, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Thursday Blog, the only blog on the internet that has bought all of it’s readers a personalised health program. *

Ok, Ok. I missed last week. I was sick. Some would say missing a week is the sign of a blog that is slowly dying but the fact is all blogs are dying; because this little thing called the internet is simply a fad.

But until that day comes, this blog will burn in a flame of glory….. figuratively not literally. If it does start to flame please consult a firefighter.

So let’s jump into today’s episode that is titled:

The one laugh that counts

Before I start I need to let you know that the one laugh that counts is not the last laugh therefore making this an episode about how to plot and seek out revenge. For great tips and hints on that topic please visit my friend’s blog at

Now onto the episode. Recently I had the privilege of watching the master copy of Crazy Noise DVD. Crazy Noise is Hillsong Kids Jr’s first album for early childhood and it is awesome. The album has been released in Australia for about 2 months (finally we get something before America) and it is due to be released soon worldwide. The DVD on the other hand will be released worldwide at the same time as the album. When is that you ask? The answer as always is ‘Soon”.

Now as mentioned I got the rare privilege of getting to watch the master copy of the finished product that has been sent off to be made. I was very very excited when my friend Eva handed me the DVD. It was after Sunday morning church and we had to get home, have lunch, then put my Little Princess down for her afternoon nap. When she woke up her and I had a Daddy Daughter Date to watch this special ‘Family Movie’. It was a tough gig waiting the 3 hours from after church to after nap but I waited patiently for my Little Princess to wake up before sitting down with her to watch the DVD.

Now this album and DVD all came from the genius mastermind of my partner in crime Dave Wakerley. Not only does Dave let me come on his adventures of breaking the law (hence the partners in crime reference); but he also involves me some way or another in his projects. For this album we co-wrote 2 songs and the film clips were both on the DVD. Plus I pop up from time to time on the DVD to do a little funny bit to camera. So here is the thing. I am now sitting down in front of a television screen watching a DVD that I am in for the early childhood age-group, with my very own daughter who is in our target audience sitting next to me. This was incredibly nerve-wrecking.

Now my daughter has seen me perform before but usually she is in tears. Generally because one moment she was hanging out with me, the next moment she has been given to one of the kids leaders to watch whilst I jump on stage. She wasn’t a big fan. I also haven’t shown her any of the other DVD’s I have been involved in because they were aimed at primary school kids. Finally I had something I could show her and I was very nervous.

She sat and watched the whole DVD, not giving me any signal if she was enjoying it or not. Then I came onto the TV and a very strange thing happened. She moved closer to me and snuggled right into me. It would of been a surreal experience as the people on TV like Murray Wiggle or Mickey Mouse are not in real life; but there was daddy on TV (with a slightly lesser budget than the previous two mentioned). I asked her if she knew who that was and she simply said “Daddy and Dave” and kept on cuddling.

The 56 minutes flew by and just when I was running away from the monkey’s (you will have to watch it for that to make sense), she looked up and me and said “Again”?

I have never had this experience before. For years I have been making other people’s children laugh and I haven’t had the joy of it being my own. In fact if no one else in the world likes this DVD (not possible, it’s awesome); I won’t mind in the slightest because there is only one laugh that counts – the laugh of my family.

It is a simple thought but very powerful. There are a lot of things we do in life to please lots of people but in the end only a few matter. First my God, then my family. All the rest will kind of fall into place.

Have Fun


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3 Responses to “The one laugh that counts”

  1. alex Says:

    So cute! Hope I get to meet your princesses very soon. I will make it my mission in June/July to have at least a hello!

  2. Nathan J. Anderson Says:

    Woo hoo! That’s a great feeling!

  3. Sarah Harland Says:

    Such a cute story! I can’t wait to see this DVD when it comes out :)

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