March 8th, 2012

Ok I was about to post a blog, it was almost completed until I saw the Kony2012 documentary. I can’t post a great episode of what has been happening in my life in light of this phenomenon that is happening before us. Instead I want to add a few words of support for Kony2012.

For us, the world is changing and that is a good thing. No longer can we live our lives completely sheltered by the 4 walls of our homes, our street, our suburbs and our cities. The world has arrived on our doorsteps and into our living rooms via the computer screen.

For them, those not in the 1st world, the world is changing and that is an amazing thing. No longer will they live their lives with no protection or support, where anyone can do anything they like if they have power or weapons and no one can hear their cries. Their world is now connected to ours and we can hear them.

And now, the tables of power are being turned as us the people can have a say in what we want done. No longer do we vote once every 4 years for a man or woman and hope they have our best interest at heart; and then sit powerless to react to the world’s cry until the next election comes. What is happening is people peacefully can say when the time is to act and support our leaders to do so.

The Kony2012 movement may have some criticisms. It may not be the most efficiently run charity or may be proposing a very simple solution to a complex problem; but who honestly cares!!! What they are trying to do is see what can be accomplished with the power of a global community of people, who can say justice needs to be served. Imagine how this could start a pattern of change for the future.

Now is the time to see what power you really have. Let me hear your voice.

Have Fun.


Here is the video, have a watch, pass it on.

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