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February 18th, 2012

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Now let’s call a spade a man who has neglected his social contract with the people. It’s a Saturday and I have just realised that I haven’t blogged again. I do apologise and I hope if you can’t find it in your heart to forgive me I can at least distract you enough to forget about the pain I have caused.


That should do it.

So without further grovelling I present this weeks episode:

Irrelevant Sales

We had an in-home demonstration of a product that we are thinking of buying. It is called the “Thermomix” : 10 cooking appliances in 1 – and if you call in the next 15 minutes we will give you something extra that everyone gets anyway with the purchase!!! No it wasn’t like that at all.

The demonstration was quite impressive. The consultant came to our house, brought all the ingredients and cooked 6 courses for us and our friends, in front of us. We marvelled at its’ features as it chopped ingredients in seconds, then cooked a meal by itself by using the timer, then did a back-flip just to show off. At the end I was very impressed (if you have one please let me know if you like it). The other thing that impressed me was the sales process.

Now I have worked in sales for a long time and I can pick a sales process from a mile away. This was very structured and calculated. At the start we were asked questions about what benefits of the product appealed to us the most (ie) saving time; health; avoiding additives and preservatives etc. Then at specific points in the presentation the consultant would check in and refer back to those benefits. This was very cleverly written.

Much like companies such as Tupperware, this company relies on two income streams. Sales being the obvious one but the other stream is from recruiting consultants. Instead of buying a Thermomix for almost $2,000 AUD, you can host your own parties and after selling 6 you get your own for free. After that you are free to leave or you can continue doing parties and earn a commission every sale. So this means a large majority of their consultants who are out there selling, are not sales-trained people. This was the case with our consultant.

I could tell from the start that he was not a sales cowboy but rather someone who loved the product, used it himself, and was trying to make some income off it. That is not a bad thing, rather a positive thing as it is nice to see someone who is a fan of what they sell. Plus it is always awkward talking to a sales cowboy if you don’t want to buy. Sales cowboys are trained that a person cannot say ‘no’ more than 5 times so they keep on asking for a sale in different ways. So a little tip for the future, if you don’t want to buy something and the sales person is going hard, just say ‘no’ 6 times and watch their training go down the drain.

As much as I appreciated that our consultant was not a cowboy I did pick up one flaw in his presentation. He didn’t adapt to his audience. Let me explain. At the start when he talked about the benefits, not a single person said they were worried about additives and preservatives. In fact one of our group even pointed out his view of them was that there was a lot of hype about them but some research showed they aren’t actually bad. I could tell he hadn’t had this response before. Well the funny thing is when he was going through the list of things it can make and the benefits, he made the point a number of times that these were great to make because there were no additives and preservatives. This is obviously in his standard presentation and he didn’t think to adapt to his audience.

The challenge for us, especially those readers who are in Kids Ministry, is to adapt to our audience. We can’t sit in our office of solitude and think of the best program or message or activity to do with the children and then just do it and hope for the best. How many times have we done things that just don’t work and we don’t know why. Maybe it’s time for us to ask some questions and then adapt to the answers.

Have Fun.


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