One Travelling Story to Rule them all…..Part 2

February 10th, 2012

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So where were we. That is right, I was telling -

The One Travelling Story to Rule them all!!! (part 2)…

It was now 11:30pm and I had been driving for an hour. The news that my cancelled flight hadn’t been re-booked, and I had no way of getting to Tasmania the next morning, was still spinning around in my head. I had been on the phone for an hour with no solution. They offered to fly me me North (instead of South) 1000 km (625 miles) to Brisbane only to then fly me the now 3000 km to Tasmania; getting me there at night but that wouldn’t work. They even offered to fly me to Hobart which is 200 km (110 miles) away from where I needed to be, but I didn’t have a car. Finally after asking to speak to their manager for about an hour they told me that they would call me back in 5mins. I hung up tired and exhausted and it was at that moment I realised that the road seemed very unfamiliar.

You see I was only an hour away from home at the camp and it was a very easy route back up the highway until I got to the suburbs and from there I knew the way home. But I hadn’t hit the suburbs yet, in fact I was still on the highway. I turned on my GPS and it confirmed my fear. I had gone the wrong way.

Now I am not just talking about making a wrong turn along the route…but at the very start when I got onto the highway I went the wrong way. I had travelled an hour towards Melbourne!!!

There always seems to be those moments in a crisis where curling up and hibernating sounds like a good option. But I had a job to do and I had to get to Tasmania to be with my family. I had to get home to sleep and get on a plane in the morning.

Now the next part of the story actually went fairly smoothly even though it was tough. The manager from the airline never called me back (even 2 hours after the 5mins promised), but I called My Princess, told her I was lost but on my way and she booked me a flight for the next morning with the only other airline that flies direct to Tasmania, for a surprisingly small price (only $8 dollars more expensive than the other airlines’ ticket that in the end got refunded). I drove all the way home which was hard but thank God I have friends in America, especially Sam Luce who I called and he talked to me the entire trip home, keeping me awake. I finally got home and fell asleep and the story comes to a close…… or does it?

In the morning I got to the airport at 8am for a 9am flight. I checked the board for my gate and I see a peculiar thing. The 8am flight that I should of been on with the original airline that seems to hate people, hadn’t boarded yet, in fact they hadn’t even called people to go to the gate. This was very strange as it didn’t say delayed, it just stayed there. So things were looking good for me as my plane was definiltey going to fly. But things got even better.

I sent an SMS to my sister saying what time I was coming in and she replied “that is around about the same time Nathan (my brother from the Gold Coast) gets in”. I look at the phone, then I look around the room and then I see my brother looking at me. What do you know, he is on the same flight and after a quick talk to the flight attendant, I got his seat changed to be next to mine so we could catch up.

It was a great flight catching up with my brother, and the plane got to Launceston without any hitches. As we were waiting to get picked up I ducked back into the airport to have a look at the arrivals board and I saw a beautiful sight. The plane that I was supposed to be on, after they had already cancelled the flight the night before, was delayed by 3 hours and was due to come in an hour after us.

Who would of known that something so stressful as having a flight cancelled and then another booking stuffed up, would turn out to be an awesome experience. I got to spend some time at camp, I got to chat with Sam Luce, I got another morning with my Princess’, I got to spend time with my brother, and I got to avoid flying on the world’s most stressful airline. I think Nana was looking out for me from Heaven.

Have Fun.


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  1. Nathan J. Anderson Says:

    Great story! God works in very peculiar ways.

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