One Travelling Story to rule them all…..Part 1

February 2nd, 2012

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Now I know you are thinking “What happened last week?” I came back after being away for 2 weeks and the episode happened on a Saturday??? Well that was not the intention. It was written on a Thursday and My Princess forgetting to edit and post it that night (because I am incapable of writing in English, she has the job of translating), and then I forgot to follow it up; and we both remembered on Saturday. She had the great idea of saving it for this week so I told her to edit and we will do that. Unfortunately I must of said edit it and post it because that is what she did…… on a Saturday!!! Oh the anarchy.

In last weeks episode I did mention that there were a few incredible stories that I would share at a later date. In fact one of those stories was about travelling and it was so good that it has been described by Tolken as:

One Travelling Story to rule them all…….. Part 1

My Grandmother was extremely caring in her dying days in that she gave everyone enough time to get ready for the events that were to happen. Two of her three sons were on a trip (one interstate, one overseas) and she gave them enough time to get back to be by her side. As for me, she was looking after me even after her death. Let me explain.

I was on the last few days of the month off I had taken from work to be with my family celebrating the arrival of Mya. My parents came to visit from Tasmania on the Thursday and they were going to hang out till the next Tuesday. Then on Wednesday I was going to go down for a day at our Voltage Summer Camp (a camp for the 10 – 12 year old kids of our church and their friends). Finally on Thursday I was going to return to work.

Well as soon as I heard Nana was really sick I decided to go back to work on the Monday. This way if anything happened I could get a few things set up at work before taking off again sometime in the next few weeks for a funeral. When I got the call saying she had passed away in the late hours of Monday night I booked a flight for Wednesday night after work. I would miss Summer Camp but family always takes priority.

So it is Wednesday night and I am at the airport. I only have carry on so I get to skip the massive lines at the counter and go to have a relaxing seat near my gate. I look at the board and my flight has been delayed by 45 mins. Not to worry, I have more time to relax and take it easy. The second announcement however didn’t leave me as calm as I intended to be.

“Attention passengers flying to Launceston on flight *****, this is now cancelled, please go to counter number 35.”

My flight was cancelled and when I got to counter number 35 (all the way back at the check-in counters) there were 200 people in the line. Now as you may recall on this very blog I have stated that I don’t wait in such lines, so I got on the phone. 15 mins later I had talked to someone, had been told that they had moved me onto the next flight in the morning and that I would get an email in a few hours with my new reservation number, and was sitting waiting for My Princess to pick me up.

I started to feel ok. I was so glad to have a flight the next morning because they only fly to Launceston twice a day. It was disappointing not to see my family that night but I decided to make the most of it, and drive to Summer Camp to pop in. Summer Camp was an hour away so My Princess dropped me to my car and I hit the road. It was a really fun night. I got there, walked straight into the night meeting and found my old friends Dave and Nath on stage doing some banter. The stage manager saw me, said hi and gave me a microphone to which I got on stage and surprised my friends. It worked a treat, the kids starting cheering and both of them had no idea why, and then they saw me. Dave froze and gave me a look. Now remember I was off to a funeral and he sees me and with wide eyes asks “was she raised from the dead?”

Oh Dave, so full of faith!!!

After a fun night I headed home. My Princess called me to say she was trying to check me in but I haven’t yet got the email from the airline with my new reservation number. So I call the airline on my hands-free and start to drive home.

“Hello how can I help you?”

“Yes, I was on a cancelled flight today and moved to a flight in the morning…”

“Let me check…………………. Sorry sir it looks like you weren’t transferred to that flight.”

“What!!! Ok, doesn’t matter. Can you put me on that flight now then please”

“Certainly sir…………. sir that flight is now fully booked.”

To Be Continued…

* Exclusive interview only valid if you personally know George and arrange a time to meet up with him to ask him questions.

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  1. Natalie Miller Says:

    Sorry to hear about your Nana, Dan. Sending you hugs xx

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