I’m Back

January 29th, 2012

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

Welcome back to another satisfying episode of The Thursday Blog. I say satisfying because this episode will make up for the last two weeks where you have gone without a helping of this amazing blog. There is a reason, let me explain. But before I explain maybe I can launch into this title of the episode without a clever segue……

I’m Back

Yes I am back and I would love to say it feels good to be back but it doesn’t.

What is that you say? Dan has lost the love for his beloved blog? Does this mean he is only going to blog every other week, or even once a month? Will he have to change the name of the blog to the “1st Thursday of the month blog”??? Will he even start blogging on a Saturday???? OH THE SANITY!!!!!!!!

Is this the start of the end of this blog? For those who like suspense then skip the next sentence and keep reading. For those who are hyperventilating right now, this is not the end of my blogging career, but it still doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t feel good to be back. To explain how I am feeling I need to take you on the journey that was the last 5 weeks.

[Cue Voice Over]

“Previously in Dan’s Life”:

I was very very very busy between working at a new job, working on a massive project for Hillsong Kids; and working on the gigantic list that My Princess had created of jobs to-do before baby arrived. The funny thing was that our baby was 12 days overdue so I got to the point where I had settled-in as much as I could at my job; had mostly completed the project for Kids; and to everybody’s surprise had defeated the list – all except the last job: go into labour.

Anyway at 3.30am on Saturday 24th December, My Princess went into active labour and around 8hours later My Little Beauty Mya Chloe Lee-Archer was born.

Now I know some of you are screaming for more of the story of Mya’s birth, but trust me. There is least a whole blog post of it coming up when I have the energy to retell it. In fact I will be mentioning a few things that have a great story attached that are all for another day.

So with Mya born we had a fun Christmas in the hospital with the support of family only a 5min walk away. It was very special Christmas indeed.

So the following 3.5 weeks were very fun as we learnt how our new family of us and two daughters was going to operate. It had it’s challenges but I don’t have a single negative thing to say about having two children. It really is so special and full of many surprises. We were living each day as it came and loving watching ourselves grow as well as our little children.

Now my parents came to visit from Tasmania which was very special. Unfortunately on the day they arrived (2 weeks ago today) my father got a phone call from his brother to say that their mother (my grandmother) had been diagnosed with cancer. This was a big shock as she had been quite well up until recently. In fact only 2 months ago I went to Tasmania for my mate Aydenns’ wedding and she had picked me up from the airport herself. Even though she was 86 she definitely wasn’t old. The phone call on the Thursday told us that the cancer found couldn’t be dealt with but they could manage the pain and increase her quality of life and who knew how long she might have left. It was not an emergency and all agreed my parents should stay on their trip. The call on the Friday changed everything.

Further tests showed that the cancer was really aggressive and she only had days to live. My parents left on the next plane home. The things that happened over the next 3 days were amazing and my Nana went to be with the Lord that she served her entire life on the Monday night, a minute before midnight. Once again, some of the stories will be shared in good time.

So now I am back in Sydney after spending some time with Family in Tasmania for the funeral and it is a Thursday and there hasn’t been a blog for the last two weeks and in fact I haven’t blogged myself for the last 5 weeks. Now that I have gotten through the first month of parenting another newborn, I am back at work and I have said goodbye to my Nana; you would think that it would feel good to be back, but it doesn’t.

It feels right.

This year I am going to endeavour to make the right choices no matter how I feel about them.

Have Fun.


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  1. Crystal Card Says:

    First, congrats on becoming a Father again. A wonderful blessing! Look forward to reading more about it.
    Also, I’m sorry for your loss of your Nana. I’m sure heaven is happy to have her although I’m sure everyone that knew her will miss her.

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