Guest Blogger: Carlos Dyonisio

January 6th, 2012

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Thursday Blog or, as I like to call it, The Friday Blog. But before I explain that odd name, let me introduce myself. My name is Carlos, also known as Cadu or nerdfeliz (or nerdfelix like Dan likes to say), and I serve in the same ministry and Church as Dan, where I have the honour of leading our preteen ministry at our City campus. I often get to experience the two geniuses FMD and David Wakerley working together, and that is a real privilege. I will be writing this episode of The Thursday (or Friday) Blog, and it will be about parenting, despite the fact that I am 24 and have no children (or wife) at all.

Ah, and I forgot to say, I am Brazilian, and I would love to use that as an excuse to write this late post saying that it is still Thursday in Brazil, but that is not true… I’m late even if we were in Brazilian time, which is quite… Brazilian?! However, it is not politically correct to say that all Brazilians tend to be late, so let’s just blame Rebecca Black instead.

Today’s episode is called…

Remember that we have God

As I mentioned before, I am not a parent. Nevertheless, I do have parents, and had some parenting experience from the child’s perspective, like most people. I would like to say “like everyone else”, but unfortunately some people didn’t have much or any experience with parenting when they were kids. I personally had great present parents, a mum and a dad, since I was born. I even had a “second mother” who babysitted me from the age of 6 months old until I was a teenager. It was all nice and perfect until a few weeks after I turned 13.

It looked like an usual day for me, until the moment when my dad gathered me and my sister (who was 11 at the time) to tell us something, despite my mum protesting that we were too young for that. He decided to carry on with his decision and tell us the news anyway. He was laying down on his bed and my mum was sitting on a rocking chair by the bed, clearly upset, holding her tears. He told us he was leaving home and moving to a different city in a few weeks, but that he still loved us and that nothing changed between us. All my mum could say, before she was rendered speechless by her own tears, was “remember that we have God”.

That was a sad day I will never forget, but most of all, I will never forget what my mum said. Remember that we have God. And that is what I did in the following years of my life. Despite the now broken family and distant dad, I remembered that I had God, not just as my God, but as my Father, my perfect Father. I experienced God’s fatherhood like never before, and I knew that even though my earthly father is not perfect, my Heavenly Father is. As a teenager I cried countless times in God’s presence, and somehow I knew that my Daddy was always there with me and for me. It changed my life forever.

God is the perfect Father. And this is not only true for people who don’t have a present father, but for everyone. Your father will never be perfect, and, if you are a father, you will never be perfect either. It doesn’t matter how much you try to be a hero, one day you will make a mistake. And that is why, as parents (or kids leaders, like me), we need to point our kids to the perfect Father, and they need to understand that, although they do have an earthly father, they also have a perfect Father who will never fail and will be always there with them and for them.

I believe that it is crucial for kids (and adults) to understand this truth, regardless of how present their earthly parents are. They don’t have to lose their parents to experience a deep relationship with the Father. Let’s all be the best parents (or kids leaders) we can be, but let’s remember to lead our kids towards a life-changing relationship with the Father.


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2 Responses to “Guest Blogger: Carlos Dyonisio”

  1. Nathan J. Anderson Says:

    I can’t imagine the pain of hearing that from a father. But I definitely feel my own shortcomings as a father. I used to think if I tried hard enough I’d be the best dad in the whole world. But then reality sunk in and I realized that I will hurt my kids in one way or another.

    There’s only one perfect Father.

  2. reader Says:

    Amen. Amazing truth. Thank you

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