Celebrity Guest Blogger: Clayton Hurst

December 29th, 2011

What’s Love Got To Do With It

While FMD is out and enjoying his family’s new addition, he has asked me to do one of his blogs. Seeing all of the ‘tweets’ from Dan reminds me of when I was expecting my second child. Uhmm, well when my wife was expecting.

The biggest concern I had at that time was if I could love another child as much as I loved our first one. If you have children you know what I’m talking about. The love that you feel for your first child is truly remarkable! It changes you to the core. It can be a little hard to explain to someone who doesn’t have children. I believe having children is just a small glimpse, God gives us, into the love He has for us. It’s truly amazing!

That’s just with one child. How will it work with two? Will I love them the same? Will I love them differently? Will I get any sleep over the next 6 months? How do I keep up with all this love?

FMD is experiencing love on a whole ‘nother level! Trying to explain this to someone who has never experienced it might be a challenge.

Have you ever tried to explain to a friend what a specific drink tastes like? Maybe you try something new at a fancy restaurant and then try and describe the taste to some who had never had the drink before? You try and try to describe it and you finally say something like, ‘it tastes like Coke, only sweeter’. It’s like you have to have that reference point to start with. But what if your friend has never had a Coke! You can try to explain it but they probably won’t get it. It’s the same with trying to describe the love you have for your children. Like God trying to describe to you how much He loves you.

The thing I love about God is, it’s not how much I love Him that matters. It’s how much He loves me! His love is truly overwhelming. He loves me as much as He loves you. He meets us right where we are in our life. He is an amazing God of love.

I realised this even more with the birth of our 2nd daughter a few years ago. You see I love her so very much. It’s so hard to explain but it’s like a whole dimension of love. The love for our 1st daughter is still there and growing. You see I love them both. I love them the same amount, but I love each of them differently. That’s how our Father loves us, because He is Love!

So to Funny Man Dan, enjoy your little one, enjoy your family; enjoy the abundance of love!

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