Celebrity Guest Blogger: Rob Bradbury

December 23rd, 2011

As kids leaders we can be so busy doing ministry that we can forget our own families. We can be rushing from Christmas item rehearsal to Christmas outreach assembly and be so exhausted that we miss the most important people in the world. Family is precious, sometimes the plumber is so busy fixing everyone else’s pipes that he neglects to repair his own house.

I think it’s important for us to remember that family was always God’s idea, family is a God creation. Personally, I would have understood if Jesus had miraculously appeared from the wastelands like the Terminator, declaring in a robotic tone, “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand!” and “I am from the future”.

But He didn’t, instead, God devises a genius lateral plan, it doesn’t follow the logical or predictable script. God the Father places His son inside a small family. This act of God is about to disrupt everything. The young girl Mary is suddenly pregnant but she hasn’t married her fiancé yet; now the family of 2 & 1/2 are forced to flee their home before their child is even born.

This God plan is disturbing more than one little family. When the maniacal tyrant Herod hears a king has landed on earth he launches mass infanticide to kill the dream. The man of the house Joseph, obediently springs into action escaping with his family from the enemy’s deadly attack. God could easily have defended the family with angelic armies. Instead, the family unit was the mechanism God used to protect His Son. Because God believes in His idea, He believes in family.

How about the name by which God wants to be known? Again I would fully understand if God was only known as…

“God”, “Lord”, “Master”, “King”


“Imperial, and intergalactic head honcho of everything you could ever even dream of” or (I.I.H.H.O.E.Y.C.E.E.D.O for short)

But the Creator of the universe always wanted more than a title and forced submission; He wanted a relationship with His creation, He wanted to love and be loved in return. He wanted to be known as Father, which in turn, makes us His children. More than that, He also wants to be allowed to function as Father. As kids leaders we sadly meet fathers who do not fulfil the father role. Your father wants to bless your family, fill you with strength and flood your home with love, mercy and peace. Father’s provide and protect capricious beings only demand.

This of course has the potential to change a lot. Understanding God’s idea of family changes the way we view ourselves, and our walk with God. My wife Assunta and I have three children. When they were younger they would wait in the window, excitedly waiting for the sound of my car’s engine. As the Ford mounted the driveway, they would squeal with delight and bolt to the front door chirping

“Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home!”

They would run into position near the front door, ready for me to open it so they could knock me off my feet with hugs and kisses. I could hear their booming footsteps and shrieks of delight while I was still inside the car. This would be followed by an extensive commentary of how their day had been; vital activities like colouring in, what they had eaten for lunch, or who they played with. They would demand my attention clamping my head into their tiny clammy little hands showing me drawings pressed only millimetres from my face, excitedly saying “look daddy look!”

“I would if I could breathe”, I would answer.

“Look at what I did today!!!!!”

This Christmas you have a real opportunity to connect with the Father heart of God. Away from the distractions and busy schedules, you can allow yourself to slow down and feel the breath of God. Run into His arms with the innocence and anticipation of a child. He is your Dad.

Strong families protect, love and serve. Perhaps you come from a family just like this. Christmas is a great time to appreciate and thank God for the situation you find yourself in today. Perhaps you come from a broken home and things didn’t exactly turn out the way you would have liked them to. This is a good time to remind yourself that God takes the bad things and uses them for good. He converts yesterday’s ashes into beauty, and He wants to do this with your life!

He makes all things new! Maybe this Christmas finds you in a family conflict. What a tremendous opportunity to forgive, forget and release! For some, this is a hard thing to do, however, let me encourage you to ask God the Father to help you let it all go. In His strength all things are possible, as you begin to let go you will feel peace flooding into your soul.

Family is one of the beautiful creations of God, and as such, must be protected. As we worship and embrace the Father, allow Him to be your protector and provider. Offer forgiveness and thank God for all the good in your family. Let anticipation and excitement build in your spirit as you wait on Him, and I pray for some of that childlike innocence to flood your heart. Some of that excitement you used to feel when you were much much younger.

Can you hear the sound?

Daddy’s home.

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