Just have to do it

December 15th, 2011

Hi there.

Yes it is still me which means I am still yet to tweet “THE BABY IS COMING” and we are still yet to go into labour and still yet to have the baby.


It’s ok, I am calm now……..


Ok, I promise that was the last time, it is just a bit hard to …..


Let’s get to the episode:

Just have to do it

Hi there

So I am not sure you all understand the situation that I am in so I will take the liberty to explain. I have just come out of the busiest season of my life. It was seriously busy, in fact boarderline stupidly busy. Everything was happening at once. I got a new job which meant I entered into a workplace where I had no idea what I was doing and had much training to do. I was the best man at a wedding which involved an extensive bucks day to plan and the greatest best man speech of all time to write; as well as taking time off to travel interstate for all this. And there was that little project called Hillsong Kids Big that involved two weeks of filming and about 200 hours of writing, rewriting and rewriting scripts and songs. Songs!!!!! Songs are another ball game and yet we challenged ourselves to push the envelope even further by creating a Christmas Musical. It was worth it but boy it was challenging.

On top off all of that in the last 6 weeks I found out I had let myself put on 9 kg (21 pounds) since January and was borderline overweight. So I threw myself back on a diet and an exercise program which is such a draining thing to do. All I want to do is not to run 3 times a week and to eat simple carbohydrates, the simpler the better. But for now I run and diet.

But there is one thing that far outweighs in importance all the other tasks combined. Yes, we are pregnant and we are having a baby; and that creates a whole new level of busy. Now that would sound strange to a few readers. They would think “Surely pregnancy wouldn’t mean things get busy for you. Sure there are a few doctor’s appointments here and there, but nothing too strenuous on your part I am sure.”

Great question, person that questions my current state of business by thinking a statement rather than a question. Never the less here is the answer. It is called nesting.

Man oh man life changes when your wife goes into nesting. When I say life I mean the lounge room, the kitchen, the furniture, bedroom, paint and everything else that possibly could be changed to get ready for the arrival of our newest family member. Now My Princess was ok, she didn’t change around much in the house but she did develop something that the sheer mention of the word sends shivers down my spine. She wrote…


The list was the list of everything that she felt that needed to be done in order to be ready for this baby. Everything from bringing up the baby bath from the garage to updating family photo albums. The list was huge, 3-4 pages with something written on every possible part of the paper, and it included what needed to be done for Christmas as well. Man oh man we were busy.

But here is the thing. We have completed the list, every last task we have done. We have written and filmed Big and I am starting to find my feet at work. The running is starting to become easier and I have lost 6 kg and am at the weight that I want to keep. We are so ready for the baby but there is one problem.


So here is the hard thing. As much as everything in me wants to have my child and enjoy our time off as a family, I still am going to work and will work right up to when I get the “I’m in labour” call so I can spend the full 4 weeks off with my family. I also said I was going to diet right up until labour so as much as I want to get back on carbs now, I still ate my tofu and rocket salad for lunch today. As much as I want to go to bed right now I still sit here to write this blog and I am blogging right up to when she goes into labour and then I have break whilst my special guests blog for me.

In the end I just have to do it. I now am going to finish this blog, go to bed, go to work in the morning and eat a boiled egg for breakfast. Why? Because I must finish strong, it is all I know what to do.

Have Fun.


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