December 8th, 2011

Hi There.

Dan here, and I have something very important to say. In fact it is so important I need to start by saying something less important just to let the important thing have more impact in comparison. I enjoy cheese. I hope you did not think that was the important thing but in fact the less important thing that will now shine even more light on the importance of the next thing that I will say.

The important thing is:


For those of you who follow me on twitter, no this is not the magical call sign just yet. But hopefully soon.

Let me explain.

Two years ago I live tweeted the birth of My Little Princess. This meant a few updates during the course of labour but it all started with the tweet “it has begun’. This year I thought I might continue the tradition of at least alerting the masses that we have started labour and we are expecting a baby at the end of it (hopefully within 2 hours – a man can hope right). So is you see a tweet from @funnymandan simply saying ‘THE BABY IS COMING’ then that is your cue to start praying for a quick and healthy birth, and retweet if you like so others can do the same. We are going on a journey and you are all welcome to join us for the miracle of life.

There is another tradition that I have in my family and that is when any of my family has a child we all enter into a guessing game. We guess the date of birth, weight and of course sex (we choose not to find out). So I thought in the spirit of sharing I would share this game with you.

So to enter simply leave a comment with your guesses in the following categories:

DOB – The due date is 12th December. Bear in mind in Australia we don’t tend to let women to go pass 2 weeks overdue. Our Little Princess was 12 days overdue but we are hoping for this bub to come sooner.

Weight (kg or pounds) Our Little Princess was 3.36kg (7lb 6oz) so we don’t have massive babies.

Sex: We currently have a girl. My Princess comes from a family of 2 kids, one girl and boy; whereas I come from a family of 6 kids, 3 of each sex. So this is a hard choice.

So leave your entries now and the person who is closest will be the WINNER and will be SHOWERED IN……….. water (next time they have a shower).

Good Luck

Have Fun.


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5 Responses to “THE BABY IS COMING GAME”

  1. Dylhesp Says:

    Hmm. Boy, 16th of December, 4.15 kg. Hope the birth and tweeting goes smoothly!

  2. Travis Says:

    Boy, 3.48kg, Wed 14 December.

    Really, I’m hoping it’s a boy so that we can plumb the depths of Prince jokes. Because if it is a boy, we’re going to party like it’s 1999.

  3. Sarah Thompson Says:

    Girl, 3.28kg, Saturday 17th December

  4. Braden Clark Says:

    Boy, 3.8kg (8 pound 6 oz), Monday 19th December

  5. Cadu Says:

    Boy, 3.5kg, Thursday 15th of December. :)

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