December 1st, 2011

Hi there.

Hang on, I need to find my phone.

Oh, here it is. I need to put it next to me.

Ok, ready. Hi there.

Hang on, I must take it off silent mode.

Done. Hi there.

Hang on, I must check if I have reception so the phone will ring.

Great, I do.

You may be wondering why I have a new-found obsession with my phone being near, off silent and in reception. The reason is My Princess is now 38.5 weeks pregnant which means the baby can come anytime now and I need to be by the phone at all times so she can call me the second she goes into labour.

Hang on, My Princess is sitting next to me.

I better start today’s episode that is called:


It is now the business end of our pregnancy and we have pretty much run out of things to do to get ready and have come down to the task of waiting. I have never enjoyed waiting in the past and I am notorious for coming up with creative ways not to wait. Let me share some of my favourites.

1. The Ticket Machine

Every now and then I have to go into a business/shop that has crazy amount of lines and they have a ticket number machine. I do like these much better than lining up as you get to get a ticket with a number and you can sit down and wait. But waiting and I aren’t friends so I take these ticket machines to my advantage. I simply walk in, take about 3 tickets and then walk away and do something else. I make a quick calcuation based on the difference of the last number called out and my numbers and the average length of time it takes to finish with a customer and I casually stroll back after my estimated time waiting is served.

One of two things may happen. I may rock up only to find that it is only moments away from my turn and escort myself like royalty to be served, or on the flip side I would have missed my turn. In the case of the second one, I simply leave and try again another day with an adjusted formula.

2. The Phone ahead

I was a part of an orientation week at our bible college which meant at lunch time there were 400 people all looking for a bite to eat. I walked with a mate to the local Thai restaurant only to find it had a line out the door and around the corner. I assessed the line and because it was over 3 people it was already too long to wait so I walked to an outside table that was vacated and sat down. I then took out my phone and called the restaurant and placed my order for pick up. 10 minutes later after chatting to my friend I simply stood up, walked to the front of the queue and said “pick up for Dan” and after paying said “actually, can I have some plates, we are going to eat outside”.

We then sat down to eat our meal all whilst the line that had hardly moved were glaring at us. There were people in the line when we first arrived that was still in that line when we had finished eating. Gosh it made the food taste good.

3. The changing appetite.

I love my body because it and I are both on the same wave length. If we are both at a festival (and we travel together often) and it is time to eat and it is one of those festivals where even though they are expecting thousands of people they still only have 15 food stalls; my body automatically develops an appetite for what has the shortest line. There is always a stall which 100 people waiting for it and there is always another stall with no line. I don’t care what it is, or how much it costs, I will get that food and enjoy every bite as I watch those strange people wait for their Turkish pancakes.

But the type of waiting I am doing at the moment happens to be the most incredible type of waiting there is. It is so much fun. Everyday I wake up and think “is today the day?” At any moment, of any day I may get a tap on the shoulder or a phone call that will change my life forever. I am literally on stand-by as I wait for God to bestow this undescribable honour of being a father to another child.

It may happen anytime, until then I wait, and I am loving it.

Have Fun.


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