Sooooooooo Much

November 17th, 2011

Hello there.

Yes, it really is me, not some celebrity guest writer. The question is: are you happy about that?

A part of you would of course say YES, because the reason you tune in each week is for the sultry sounds of my written word. But there would be a big part of you that would say NO, because the guest writers were just so darn good.

Well I have news that will excite both sides. Today I am bringing you this episode and I will continue to do so each week until my Princess goes into labour. That is when I will sound the emergency broadcast system and you will have a few more weeks of celebrity guests while I remember our breathing techniques and enjoy our new and bigger family.

Tonight is not about My Princess or my soon-to-be-born treasure; but about the girl who very like her mother has changed my life for good. Today’s episode is about My Little Princess Grace, and it is called:

Sooooooooo Much

Tonight when Mummy put Grace down to bed, Grace said to her “Tomorrow sing happy birthday. I’m Two!” That statement was not only amazing because it was a string of 6 words put together which is close to a personal best, but also because it is 100% correct. Tomorrow My Little Princess is turning two.

Let me tell you about Grace. She is something else. She has the amazing ability to enable me to produce endless amounts of love for her, for her mother, for our family and friends, for our church, for my work and for everyday people. I don’t know how she does it but she does. She gets it from her mother.

We have so much fun together. Currently we have the following games between us going: the animal game, the flannel game, the goodbye game, who’s at the door game, and the teddy sheep said no, no, no game. I would go into an explanation of them but you would need a masters degree in DaddyandGrace-ernomics to understand them. From the moment she sees me in the morning she wants to play and spend time with me, and will often bless me with her contagious laugh. Very similar to her mother.

I try to limit myself talking about her to others, not because I don’t want to be that guy that is always talking about his kids, or because I think I am going to bore them (my stories are generally not boring); but because others don’t get it. I could talk for hours about how amazing she is but if you haven’t spent time with her you wouldn’t really understand. And even when you spend a day with her you still can’t grasp just how incredible this little person is. I have spent the last two years with her and I haven’t even scratched the surface of realising the uniqueness of her. She is truly breathtaking. Just like her mother.

I have been taught by My Little Princess just how truly amazing God’s creation of people is. If you were to spend a lifetime with one person you would still not fully grasp everything about them. The problem is when people get older they tend to forget about them, commit them to their subconscious, and do their life with them in the background whilst failing to explore life with them.

One of my greatest privileges as a father is I have the great honour of doing life with My Little Princess and discovering life within her. I have seen her come alive when she is patting an animal, dancing to a song, running on the footpath, laughing at my funny face. What makes her smile, what makes her laugh, what makes her want to hug me, what makes her walk over to the 4 year old in the park and say “hi”. All of this is a mystery and something I want to discover.

Thank you My Beautiful Little Princess for what you have done for me. You have helped me see life in a whole new light and it shines brighter than before. You have taught me that everybody is Ah-MAZING!!!! and even though I only get the opportunity to really get to know a small handful of people, I will be in constant awe at how wonderfully and fearfully they have been made. Especially your mother.

Happy Birthday Grace

Have Fun.


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  1. Funny Guy Jonny Says:

    Bro, you are AH-MaZING also! Can’t wait to see yourself, Jaz and Grace in Jan! (Not to mention your new little treasure) When you gain a perspective that everyone is amazing you can truly practice ‘compassion’. That’s what I get from this article. I hope all can one-day wear their ‘Compassion-goggles’ and see that everyone deserves and desires to be happy. Thanks for the great blog Dan! Love ya mate~ Jonny

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