Guest Blogger: Sam Luce

November 3rd, 2011

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Thursday Blog. You are going to enjoy today’s episode whether you are reading this for the first time or only read it when there is a guest poster. Welcome.

I am filling very large very virtual bloggy shoes today. The great one with a small g and small o asked me to write a few words of advice to expecting fathers.

The only advice I was given as an expecting father of our second child was “Having one kid is like having none and having 2 kids is like having twenty”. I will try and be more specific and more practical even though that statement was shockingly accurate.

We live in a day and age in our world where we have a systemic problem of pandemic proportions. It’s not the flu, it’s not the black plague, it’s fatherlessness. We need fathers to be what God has called them to be like never before. Statistics prove that kids with an involved father do better in most areas of life. So many kids grow up with their fathers being either emotionally or physically-absent fathers. If you are a father or are soon to be a father, you have no greater call and your kids have no greater need than you in their lives.

My advice to expectant fathers would be:

1. Make sure you come home and spend time with your wife before your kids.
?2. Tell your kids you love them every night.
3. Speak to their strengths and pray for their weakness but trust God with everything.
4. If the first child needs something put down the baby and help them.
5. To diminish sibling rivalry teach older kids to be kind to the younger kids and teach the younger kids to respect the older kids.
6. Teach them God is first and family is second. Nothing on earth is more important than family.
7. Begin with the end in mind. Don’t raise your kids making it from day to day, think about what you want them to become.
8. Care more what other adults think about your kids than what other kids think about your kids.
9. Teach your kids from the very beginning to live generously. To love others more than they love themselves.
10. Teach your kids that Jesus loves them with a never-ending love. That we can’t make Him love us more. Because of His amazing love for us we can trust Him no matter what.

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