Count it all joy

October 20th, 2011

Hi everyone.

I am not going to lie to you, I am still quite tired. Like I have said before there is a lot to get done before our next baby is due, which is similar to when people work really hard before a holiday and then they finally get to the holiday and can rest. The difference with us is that we are working really hard up to the point where we have to work even harder to bring this baby out (especially My Princess who will be doing most of the work). After working hard through labour we will get to the point where we have the baby in our arms and he or she can join our family. At that point we must start a new journey of working even harder as we bring up our new cherished child and continue to bring up our already-cherished two year old daughter. But that working hard will be different as I try to…

Count it all joy

Isn’t it funny how we can lose perspective on what we are doing. I love to play tennis. I am not amazing at it but I really love to have a hit and a run around. Recently when we were filming for the Summer Series for Hillsong Kids Big, we were at a place with a tennis court. This provided a daily hit of fun for myself and Nath McLean. I would glady have a hit of tennis once a week for a year but it is not a privilege that I often get. I don’t have a tennis court at my house so I would have to hire one each week which is a costly exercise and not a priority at the moment. So I stick to really enjoying a game whenever I get the chance.

Now here is the strange part about how my attitude used to be toward tennis and to a lot of fun games such as 8-ball (pool), table tennis and… (I would love to add another sport in there to make me sound sporty but I have nothing). All I could add would be darts, air hockey and 10-pin bowling which isn’t that impressive but these are all things I have some skill in. By the way side note: to this day I have not met someone better than me at Air Hockey. Just saying, if you are ever in Sydney I would love a challenge.

So back to the strange part about these ‘sports’. When I was young I used to be so focused on my performance that I would stress out and not enjoy myself. I used to 10-pin bowl as a 15 year old and I gave it up due to stress. Can you believe it? I wan’t even playing in a tournment but just a tiny league in my home town and I was stessing out. But looking back, I can’t work out how in the world I got stressed in what is an enjoyable activity. If it wasn’t an enjoyable acitivity they wouldn’t charge people to do it!!!! The way I was acting they needed to pay me for the amount of stress I took on.

Nowadays I am a lot more chilled out and if I ever start getting annoyed I say to myself “Dan, you don’t get to do this everyday of your life, this is awesome, enjoy it”.

So what does that have to do with entering into a season of a lot of hard work with two children? I figure if someone can count an enjoyable experience as work, then I can try to count work as an enjoyable experience. And when I am changing my 18th nappy, after spending the whole day teaching, entertaining, talking, moulding and shaping, hugging, chasing, gaming, disciplining, and imagining with my children; whilst also doing shopping, cleaning, cooking, and house-holding; I will say to myself: “Dan, you won’t get to do this everyday of your life, this is awesome, enjoy it”.

Have Fun


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  1. Fat Nisher Says:

    Hi FMD it sounds great remember your labour and more Ms LA is not in vain, keep up the good work.

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