The Value of a Price

September 16th, 2011

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The Value of a Price

Price is a funny thing especially when it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables. I know the price can drastically change from place to place but that is also true for many other things, but the thing that makes this so strange is that the price of fruit and vegetables can drastically change in the same store in a matter of days. Why is this? Well there are probably many reasons and I am not going to pretend to be a specialist in agricultural produce, but I think in the western world we forgett hat most fruit and vegetables are seasonal and not easily grown when it is not in season.

What do you mean not in season? I WANT IT NOW!!!! (Said by the average 1st world citizen)

That is fine, you can have it now, but you will have to pay for it (Said by the average supermarket/ grocery store)

That is fine, charge it to my credit card (Said by the average 1st world citizen)

Muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (Said by the average bank who issued the credit card).

So this means where I live we get the privilege of getting such fruits as avocado all year round but the price can range from 75 cents to $5 each depending on the time of year. So the question is: “What is the value of an avocado?”

Well the answer is definitely $5 because I have paid that amount for one before and I really enjoyed it. I remember it as if it was yesterday, just me and my avocado, and a sandwich with just the right amount of cheese. I could hardly wait until I got home so that I could crack it open. It was magical and I treasured that avocado because the price was high so I made sure the value was as well.

But these days they are in season so they are as cheap as 75 cents so I bought three. That means instantly I have saved $12.75 in value as I have gotten $15 in value for only $2.25. I know I have lost those who don’t like maths. But I have gotten so much value and will enjoy it so much. But it didn’t work out like that. All of those 3 avocados were put in the fruit bowl and forgotten about, only to go off and to be chucked a week or so later. I got no value.

If you mentioned the word “banana” to an Australian a few months ago every one of them would start salivating. Why? Because there was a hurricane that killed 75% our bananas, so the ones left were expensive. Usually they are anywhere from $1 – $2.50 a kilo but they got as high as $14 – $18 per kilo. This meant bananas were like gold. If you got a chance to have access to a banana for free say at a function you would run to the table and crash tackle anyone that went near it. Sadly this average fruit is now premiere all because of its price.

Why is it that when we have full access to something we never use it but when it is hard to get we will go the extra mile? My parents are away overseas on a big trip around Europe. It is so hard to call them as I have to call one of 14 different hotels, get transferred to their room and hope they are home, plus call at a strange time for me because of the time difference. Even though this is hard, I have been wanting to call them a lot recently just to talk. But why have I not had the same urges when they are in Australia. I can call them for free when they are at home but instead I wait until it costs a fortune. What is wrong with me???

I have heard so many people during the banana shortage say “I will never take them for granted again” and then after the price comes down they do. I have also heard so many people say when loved ones go away “I will never take them for granted again” only for them to come back and to be forgotten quite quickly.

When it comes to people price should never determine value, but value should determine value. The value of a person is limitless, just something to remember.

Have Fun.


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  1. Crystal Card Says:

    Thanks for this! We all need to be hit with an expensive banana once in a while, keep our levels of appreciation and respect at a high for the people (and things) that we should most value in life.
    Also, I love how the interesting tidbits or hilarity of your posts aways bring the reader to the sobering truth.

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