Much more than Bieber Fever

September 8th, 2011

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Ok, I know I can’t have a title that mentions Justin Bieber and not launch directly into it. So here is today’s episode called:

Much more than Bieber Fever

I watched “Never say Never” the other night and I have not stopped thinking about it.

Yes, you got me. I just love his hair flick.

But there was something that impacted me more than his hair, more than his enormous success in such a short time, and more than his amazing voice or how gifted musician he is (I had no idea he could smash the drums). In fact the thing that impacted me had nothing to do with Justin. Funny when the whole movie was about him.

Let me start by saying this. From a marketing point of view Justin and his team are doing everything right. They have played such an impressive hand with what they had which was a very talented kid. But if you think about it there are many very talented kids out there yet this one has taken over the world. They used youtube to get his name out there, they forced their way onto radio by visiting each radio station in the country to play his song live; and by the time “Baby, Baby, Baby” was released he was an unstoppable force.

Now he is touring and doing some impressive things. Every show they walk around to find people without tickets and give them seats in the first 10 rows. He is getting guest artists to do shows with him from Miley Cyrus, Sean Kingston, Taylor Swift, and Usher etc. Also they have a tradition where he gets a girl up from the audience to serenade her during one of the songs. It simply adds to the hysteria that most of the girls in the audience experience when they see him.

So what impacted me so much that I have haven’t stopped thinking about it since seeing the movie? It was the fans.

I do not understand what happens to people when they get near celebrities. I really can’t work out why there is a natural reaction inside of us when we get in contact with certain people, that things don’t function like they normally do. It is like a survival mode kicks in and all we need is to get a glimpse of that person or we can’t survive. We may not think that but it is definitely the way we act.

You may think that this doesn’t happen to you – you don’t have Bieber fever so you are fine. But what if Steve Jobs walked into the room, or Micheal Jordan, or Barack Obama; even TD Jakes or Brian Houston. Maybe even the CEO of Tupperware if you are into that sort of thing. Sure you might not scream and faint, but if you were at a party and they were there would you spend the whole night thinking about them, looking over to what they are doing? Could you possibly leave for the night without at least saying “Hi”?

Now this surely isn’t a bad thing right? Some people are celebrated for what they do and have fans who love them, so what. I thought the same until I saw this movie. In this movie there were thousands of young girls just totally in love with Justin and were beside themselves. At one point there was a girl who was chosen for his “serenading” song, and afterwards she couldn’t stop crying. She was so emotionally moved that someone that she had wanted so much was with her for a moment, and now he was gone. Her friends received her back to their group with big hugs and they continued to scream and scream out for a man that will not be a part of their lives anymore.

I have a young daughter and I cannot bear the thought of her screaming out for the attention of someone that cannot hear her over the crowd. My Little Princess is more valuable than all the wealth of the world combined and she does not need to scream for anybody.

So are you, so stop screaming and the fever will pass.

Have Fun.


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