There goes my record

September 1st, 2011

Hello and Welcome to another episode of The Thursday Blog. You are going to enjoy today’s episode whether you are reading this for the first time or are constantly getting the latest episodes tattooed onto your body. I have heard about you, you really need to stop. No matter how small the font is you will run out of space soon.

I told you these intro’s would get weirder.

Speaking of intro’s did you like that one I did last week? What is that? I didn’t do an intro? But I always do an intro every episode. WHAT IN THE WORLD, I DIDN’T WRITE AN EPISODE??????? Oh dear …

There goes my record.

As stated in my previous episode I was in a crazy crazy season as I got ready for Kidshaper Conference. Not only did I have to write my talk for a 40 minute elective, I also had to write 4 first drafts for our next installment of BIG plus I had to perfect my performance for opening night. That was a task in itself as I had been working on that performance for 6 weeks. Every single move had to be executed perfectly with accompanying silly facial expressions. If you are intrigued about what the performance was, you are going to have to ask one of the delegates because I have trouble explaining. Let’s just say it was an interpretive dance to “Eye of the Tiger” all whilst declaring my brotherly love for Saddleback Church’s Kids Pastor – Steve Adams. (See Photo) That is probably why it took 6 weeks to perfect.

So Kidshaper was absolutely brilliant and the time zoomed by. After I had finished my elective on the Friday I was hanging out with Dave and Nath just chilling. I was reading the 3D book made by Kidshaper and got to my article. At the end of it it said “Dan blogs at” and I thought “OH MY GOODNESS I DID NOT WRITE AN EPISODE YESTERDAY!!!!”

Panic set it but there was nothing I could do. I didn’t have any creative juice left in my body after spending it all on the conference, and wouldn’t have a chance sneaking through a blog on Friday and trying to pass it as a Thursday blog (in America). There goes my two and a half year record.

Outrage hit the internet and the emails flooded in.

“Hey Dan. Where was The Thursday blog this week?” – Steve from New England
“Hey Dan. I was looking forward to a blog this week but didn’t get one. Why would you deny me of my basic human right.” – Sally from Blackpool

“Hey Dan. The Thursday Blog is my mid-week guide to life and without it I carelessly stumbled on a series of investments that turned out to pay an extremely high dividend and now I own a series of Starbucks coffee shops that are providing me with enough income to never have to work again. I am aware all of these things seem positive but imagine what could of happened if I had had my usual mid-week guide. I could own Gloria Jeans shops instead.” – Dale from California

“Hey Dan. Thanks for the break last week. I was running out of space on my body to tattoo your blog.” – Crazy Carl, Perth.

It is really funny that after 130 episodes every week without fai,l I simply forgot to do it. Normally I would of been completely gutted, I really would of been really angry with myself but I have realised something. I used to love these kinds of records. It has been 2.5 years of blogs without fail, it is 100 days of exercise, it’s 3 days since I made a really bad joke. Start counting that last one from zero…

If you try hard enough you can make a record out of anything and that is what I did. Why? Because it gave me a sense of achievement and self worth. This is not a good thing. In recent times I have started to let this go. Who honestly cares what I have done for what period of time. I am not defined by what I do or how long I have been doing it for; but rather for who I am.

I want to be loving, I want to be caring, I want to be encouraging, I want to be uplifting, I want to be fun, I want to be someone who imparts hope, faith, value, respect, laughter. I really don’t mind if I am not the guy who never forgets to blog.

Have Fun.


Brotherly Love for Steve Adams

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  1. Jeff Says:

    Thanks for the reminder Dan. I needed it today.

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