Graced for a season

August 18th, 2011

Hello and Welcome to another episode of The Thursday Blog. You are going to enjoy today’s episode whether you are reading this for the first time or you read it so often that when you order breakfast you ask for “coffee, eggs, bacon, toast, hash brown and the Thursdayblog please”. If the cafe doesn’t know what you are talking about, therefore doesn’t print off a copy of the latest blog to give to you to enjoy with your coffee, you walk out in disgust. This is why most café’s now have it pre-printed.

I hope you are enjoying my new intro’s series. For those of you that have just started reading this blog because it was given to you with your bacon and eggs at a café; you would not know about the tradition of an intro series. From time to time I get stuck on an intro and I create a whole series of them. This will continue up to a point where the intro gets totally out of hand and cannot exist in this realm of reality. This has happened a number of times including the most famous one that took the entire episode just to do the intro. So if you think that pre-printed blogs at café’s is a bit out there, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Now it is time for today’s episode which is called

Graced for a season

It was only last Wednesday when I had my first clue that I was in an extremely busy season. Even though I knew it was coming for a long time it did sort of jump up on me. It was Wednesday night and I was trying to write a first draft script of the Big Curriculum number 4; and it was taking a lot longer than I had anticipated. I kept working on it and at close to midnight I had finished.
Surely it wouldn’t require that much work as it is only the first draft and we usually go through 25-100 drafts to get to the final script, but this year we have decided to change the format which makes it incredibly awesome for the viewer but incredibly hard for the writer. So averaging 5 hours for the first draft is something I have to get used to.
Now I thought this was a good effort, one I could repeat a number of times over the upcoming months. Unfortunately the season had changed and we really needed these due by the 25th, before we all go to Kidshaper.
Kidshaper!!! I had a performance to create, practice and polish as well as prepare the greatest elective known to man. I still had my family that loves to see me and would appreciate me spending time with them. I also had a close friend that had experienced a tragedy and I wanted to spend a lot of time with him. I should be able to fit it all in, right? Hang on: I HAVEN’T FACTORED IN MY FULL TIME JOB!!!!
Everything on my list was important and normally I would make a wise call to cut things out to make it more manageable but something felt different this time. I feel like this will be a short season and if I go for it, I will be helped.
Yesterday I tried something I haven’t done in a long time. I left for work at 7:45am and returned back from work at 6:15pm. From 6:15pm to 7:30pm I spent time with my family – bathed my Little Princess, got her into bed, ate dinner with my Princess. Then from 7:30pm I wrote, and wrote and wrote and by 4am I had finished the final two drafts of the Summer Series. I then went to bed for 3 hours to wake up at 7am to look after my Little Princess while my Princess went to work for the morning, only to have her come back at 11:45am when I gave them both a kiss and went off to work until 9pm that night.
Isn’t it amazing what you can do when you are graced for a season. I couldn’t dream about being able to what I did (mainly because dreaming involves sleep and I ain’t getting any) but I have been able to do it and it wasn’t that hard. Today at work I have been fine. This is strange because it was only last month when I stayed up to 1am playing games on my phone and the next day I was wrecked. Probably because iphone games don’t have a season.
So if you want a moral and most usually do then it will be this. Sometimes you will have no idea how you got through something that you did, all you know is that you were Graced for the Season.

Have Fun


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2 Responses to “Graced for a season”

  1. Nathan Anderson Says:

    I know that feeling. For awhile I’ve been torn about whether to stay up and finish what I know I need to do, or to go to bed “on time” each night. I have cancer, so everybody tells me I need to rest…but I also have to finish getting my book ready to sell. So I stayed up til 2:30 last night, and I got it all done. I thought I would be exhausted today, but I wasn’t.
    Grace for the season.

  2. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    You are an inspiration Nathan, you really are.

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