The Ultimate Past-Time

July 21st, 2011

Hello everyone and welcome back to another fantastic episode of The Thursday Blog. You are going to love today’s episode whether you are reading this for the first time or have just spent the last 14 hours reliving all the action over the last 2 years of episodes, only taking shorts breaks to go to the toilet and to feed your cat.

Well it is an exciting time in life. Why? Because tomorrow is my 28th birthday which is a lovely segue into today’s episode called:

The Ultimate Past-Time

Also as another segue if you are looking for a great birthday gift for me I would love a segue. Those things rock…. literally.

Did you know you can make any day sound like your birthday by announcing your age and adding the word ‘today’ at the end? You should try it. Your birthday may be in March but if tomorrow you go to work and announce to everybody ‘I am 24 today’ you will get a lot of people wishing you well and may even get a cake. The fact that you were 24 yesterday and 24 tomorrow is irrelevant, you are 24 toady and you want that cake.

I love birthday’s and I always have. The fact that one day, once a year, in very small circles that can be as small as just your family and a close friend or two, on that day you are the most important person they know. I used to try and prolong this experience by having a birthday week. I wouldn’t tell people which day it was but told them the week. This is because when people know when your birthday is they book in a lunch or dinner. Once those 2 spots fill up then it is game over. You tell them you already have plans and they walk away scot-free without buying you a meal and treating you as being important. Can you tell I have felt cheated in the past? But a birthday week means I have 14 potential lunches or dinners that a number of people could take me to and make me feel important. Hey I know it sounds vain, but I do think that song is about me.

When you think about it, it is a funny thing to celebrate. It is not like I achieve anything that day. I simply relocated myself from inside a house to outside a house by sliding down a slide, head first. My part was so easy I did it with my eyes closed…

What I do love about my birthday is that it reminds me that I am getting older. Growing up is my absolute favourite past-time because it is the pure definition of a past-time. Now I know that sounds like a strange statement but there are so many advantages of growing older:

* I can choose my own bedtime (though these days more often than not I like an early night)
* I can go to horror films (though I never do, I stick to pixar films)
* I can get all sorts of crazy loans from a bank (though I have to pay the money back)
* I can be selected for Jury Duty (though that means I have to do Jury Duty)

See hundreds of advantages!!!

My love for growing older actually has nothing to do with the 4 advantages but it has everything to do with a little secret that I learnt a little while ago. In fact it is so good I think it should be in quote form. Here it is -

“If a man can learn to love those things that cannot be changed, then that man will always be happy” (Dan Lee-Archer, 2011).

Wow, great quote. I would of liked the end to be a bit more punchy, maybe use some words from the first half in a different order and possibly rhyme them; but I guess that is something I can’t change so I love it. Well I could change it, but that could take hours.

I love growing older because there is nothing I can do about it so I might as well enjoy it. Now all I have to do is take this concept and apply it to washing up the dishes and I will be set.

So learn to love growing old and you will definitely always

Have Fun


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  1. Naomi Says:

    Happy Birthday Funny Man Dan! from a family in Texas who LOVES Hillsong Kids Music and Dvds, and of course.. following your awesome blog! Thanks for all that you do! Hope you and your family had a wonderful day celebrating! May God bless you more and more each day.

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