July 15th, 2011

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another awesome episode of The Thursday Blog.

Today’s episode is all about starting again so I don’t mind if I do.

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another awesome episode of The Thursday Blog.

Pause for a chuckle for those of you who like lame jokes. I better throw to the title before more come out.


Hi there. This is hidden message. That is all.

Man, I hate it when a good idea is not working. Let me explain. I was asked to start up a radio show on . They were starting up a children’s ministry radio channel through blog, talk, and radio and they wanted me on board. They had some great people already on board to do some shows about ministry, volunteers and topics that would be of great value to any person in “kidmin”. These are all awesome shows but I thought there was a gap in the line up for a show about nothing, and that is what I created.

FMD & Me was the name of my radio show. This is a clever name because it rhymes, plus as an added bonus it sets up the twist to the show. Every week I have a different guest host. Now I set out to do the show once a fortnight like every other show and I really enjoyed it. It was fun, it was fresh and other great words that hopefully started with ‘F’ for alliteration’s sake. I had an idea for a few really great segments and my first few fortnight’s I was smashing it. I then decided that it was time to go weekly and that is when the problems started.

Now as I am well aware a weekly commitment is a big commitment. This blog as much as I love it is a big commitment. I don’t have the luxury of getting in the mood to blog and pump out 5 or 6 posts then do nothing for the next month until I feel the vibe again. I am blogging every week, so much so the time is midnight on Thursday night and I am still typing away. This one will be a bit late, sorry to Australia, not to America, you have just woken up :) So the weekly call was a big one and I foolishly made it.

The biggest problem was my guest hosts. I would have to organise it so far in advance that not many people would know what they are doing in 3 weeks time on a Thursday morning. I am not that good at thinking ahead in my normal life so many a time I would realise the night before that I didn’t have a host. A big thank you to amazing friends like Sam Luce, Dave Wakerley, Travis Butler, Nat Fisher and Jamie Doyle who all did a show with me at the very last minute.

The other issue with the hosts is the time difference. I am getting up very early in the morning to do the show, so my Australian guest host friends think I am crazy doing a radio show at 7am in the morning; for my American friends it was anytime from 1pm to 4pm which is generally totally inconvenient; and for my UK friends I still don’t know what the time is over there.

These were challenges I could overcome but it was nearly impossible to overcome some of the technology issues I had. The blogtalkradio system is weird. It is a process to schedule a show so I set a recording weekly show. Unfortunately one day I woke up, got everything ready, called my guest host, got Travis (the show’s producer) on the line, had a final debrief and then realised that my show wasn’t scheduled. That is because it was daylight savings in America and the show went to air an hour early, 30 mins of pure nothing. Due to the policy you are allowed one show a day, and that was ours. The show was cancelled.

I do the show through skype because it is free and I can conference people in. Skype who has worked everyday of my life decides that when I do a radio show that is the time it will stuff up. I have had co-hosts drop out, guests we are interviewing drop out and even myself drop out. And it always happens at the worst time. Once I had a guest on the line, and at the exact moment I said ‘are you there’ it dropped out.

My final show of last season my skype was working but the system decided to throw me out. I couldn’t reconnect, it wouldn’t let me. I had to call the show from my mobile and say ‘Hi, it’s FMD, I hate technology, the show is over’.

We couldn’t go on, the idea was great but it just didn’t work. So instead of giving up we have simply reinvented it. So the FMD and Me show is back and everything is fixed. How? Well that is a secret but the moral of the story is that though you may have a whole page of things that are against a good idea, it doesn’t mean you have to throw out the idea…you can simply reinvent it.

Have a listen to the new show below, you will really like it or your money back.

Have Fun.


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  1. Cha Says:

    Hey FMD. I listened in yesterday morning to the last bit. Great show! Great idea!

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