The Creativity Challenge

July 7th, 2011

Hello and welcome to another awesome episode of The Thursday Blog.

I need to stop right there because I have an announcement to make. I have been challenged!!!!

No it is not a challenge to who has the best hair in Kidmin because Sam Luce wins every year, but I have recently been contacted by K! Magazine asking if any of my regular readers would be considered ‘creative’ enough to contribute to an upcoming issue of their magazine.

I humbly replied ‘Every single one of them have more creativity in their left pinky finger than a small to medium advertising company that after many years of building up their business are now at a point where they are making a substantial profit and can pay dividends to their shareholders.’

So here is the pitch from K! Magazine.

K! Magazine realises that there are lots of ideas out there that children’s pastors need to share with one another. Your idea may be just what someone else needs to energize their ministry. If it blew your kids out of the water, it could do the same for another group of kids … in another church, another city, another state … who knows, you could start a movement!

The Nov/Dec issue of K! will include a pull-out centerfold of 10 of these incredibly creative ideas, and yours could be one of them! If your idea is chosen for publication, you’ll receive a year subscription to K! and a quarter of The Kitchen kids’ church curriculum—a package worth $170. So, get busy and share one or more of your crazy ideas!

Have you …
• come up with an amazing way to disciple kids?
• used fire without burning down the church?
• kicked off the year with an event that kids are still talking about?
• taken a unique object and developed an entire lesson around it?
• challenged your kids to serve in an unusual way?
• created an environment that kids didn’t want to leave?
• connected with the local schools in a new way?
• handed over leadership of an event to the kids?
• involved the entire church with kidmin?

Hi, It’s Dan talking again. I know this completely smells of a “mass group email where I have changed the name of who it is to so it seemed really personal”; but that is a good thing. This means the challenge has gone out to different blogs around the world and if successful your submission will be deemed the top 10 ideas globally. Now that is what I am talking about.

Creativity is not something that by itself has any value. But when you take a purpose and work out a way to achieve that purpose that is creativity at its best.

So here is what we are going to do. We are going to flood this competition with some of the most incredible ideas the world has ever seen. They can be ones you are currently using in your kids ministry or ones that you have only dreamt of trying.

You need to send you ideas with your name, email, church, city, and mention The Thursday Blog to . Entries close on August 1st.

What ever you do, whether this takes you a few minutes or hours, remember whilst you are doing it to

Have Fun.


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