“Just tending to the sheep”

June 30th, 2011

Hello again and welcome to another simply awesome episode of The Thursday Blog. We are only 5 days away from the start of Hillsong Conference and it is getting exciting. Last night we had a “Heart and Soul night” where all the people who call our church home gathered together for an awesome meeting with Brian Houston. Then we split up into departments where all the volunteers for the Conference gathered with their respective teams. I obviously went to the Kidsong World meeting.

The meeting was great, run by our fearless leader Dave Wakerley, you may remember him from such facts that he is awesome. But to start off the night he had to get one thing straight for all the new volunteers. He brought me on stage and in front of a few hundred people said:

“This is Funny Man Dan”.

Pause for a medium but not overwhelming cheer. I believe the biggest cheer for the night went to Eva Stringleman who is the events coordinator for Kidsong, so that honour was rightfully placed. Mind you she is the person that organises the food passes for the volunteers so I think people were keeping her happy. Anyway back to Dave talking to the crowd.

“This man, more than anyone else in this building, has the absolute………least amount of responsibility during Conference”…

The crowd laughs as Dan looks shocked because he thought he was getting a compliment, but between you and me I knew the joke was coming as he ran it by me moments beforehand so the shocked looked was simply a touch of acting to milk a reaction.

“But for some reason…..all of the glory. What do you have to say for yourself Dan?”

I lift my microphone and say with a cheeky smile:

“It’s good to be me”.

Dave laughs as the crowd joins in not really knowing that Dave probably didn’t think it was a funny response as he’d already heard it a minute before when I ran it by him.

We don’t always plan to a tee what we are going to say and I haven’t always been Funny Man Dan. (Nice Segue). The story on how I got that title shortly after a heading:

Just tending to the sheep

Where we left off was that we had an over enthusiastic teenager who thought the world revolved around him. Much to his horror he found out that the world revolved around the sun and even though he believed that the sun shined out of a certain orifice of his; it still didn’t revolve around him. So something had to change.
All the change that has happened in my life all shares one common characteristic. It happens slowly and in some cases at a snail pace. I attended church for a further 6 months and then I went home for the summer. I didn’t really have a reason to go back to Sydney but somehow I found myself back on a flight and got myself a ticket to a young adults summer camp. At that camp I made a decision that this is where I was going to stay and make a big part of my life.

At the camp they pointed out and thanked a few key people that made it happen. I wanted to be one of those people, someone that could really contribute and in all honestly I still wanted the public thanking (I was still young). So I started to think how I could get there, who would I have to meet, what would I have to do, where I should hang out so I could start to get a bit of a name for myself. Then I stopped myself and I made myself a promise.

I had heard a message about Moses who was simply tending to sheep when God called him to do what He wanted him to do. He didn’t try and make things happen but instead was faithful in what he was doing – simply tending the sheep. I made myself a promise that I would never try to promote myself again.

So the answer to the question that you have all been asking for years. How did I become Funny Man Dan? The answer is…… I joined the carpark team. Seriously that was it. Over the last 9 years my life has been a series of events that has shaped my role as FMD. None of these events I had asked for, organised, or tried to create by networking or by sheer effort. I had nothing to do with anyone of it, I didn’t even think of my stage name. In fact nobody knows who gave me the name, on the second day of my first Kidsong Conference someone had put up a graphic with the words Funny Man Dan and it just stuck. Nobody knew how they got the graphic, they just did.

So what can I take credit for? The answer is the same as my level of responsiblity as pointed out by Dave…… absolutely nothing. All of this happened whilst I was simply tending the sheep.

Have Fun.


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  1. Braden Says:


    Such a good thought as always! I think that it’s paramount that we don’t try and promote ourselves because I believe that we are where we currently are because that is where God wants us to be. Looking back at the times where I wished I was something greater, but failed to promote myself is often where the most growth in my life has occurred. If I had of promoted myself then I know that I would have never ended up where I was today.

    Such a good thought. Thursday’s are my new favourite day!


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