“The world survived without me”

June 24th, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, welcome to another fantastic episode of The Thursday Blog.

Yes I have something to say this week, not just poke fun at my friends that blog about their twitter updates. Justyn Smith and I are friends again :)

So things over here are heating up. Soon it will be Hillsong Conference which means I have the awesome privilege to serve on the Hillsong Kids team. This is my 9th year serving at the Conference as Funny Man Dan, and it has been a blast. How did Funny Man Dan come to be, you ask? Well I am going to answer that next week but today I need to give you a back story with an embarrassing secret. That is all in today’s topic:

“The world survived without me”

I am going to let you in on a massive secret that not many people know.

Are you ready for it?

Here we go!

I was once knocked back as a Hillsong Kids leader.

Gasp, shock, horror, faint. Here is the story.

The year was 2002 and the month was July and it was a Sunday and I was invited to Hillsong Church for the very first time. I had been living in Sydney for 6 months but I hadn’t found a church. I came from a Catholic background but I got saved at 13 at a youth camp. Over the years the youth camp at which I spent every spare moment of my holidays at, gave me a great network of Christian friends but I still attended my Catholic church. The parish I am from is really really great and I did get a lot out of it, but when I came to Sydney the local Catholic church was slightly boring, and I didn’t feel welcome. So when my friend asked me to come to Hillsong I was pumped.

I loved the service, I loved everything about it and I then found out that starting the very next day was Hillsong Conference. I was told that people either registered or they volunteered in a department they chose. I saw that Hillsong Kids was still available and I got excited.

“Perfect”, I thought to myself, “I am absolutely perfect to do the kids program. I have my juggling stuff and my balloons. I can do performances for them, and they will love me and the leaders will love me and I WILL CONQUER THE WORLD!!!!!!!”

Let’s just stop there for a minute. I was not a megalomaniac but I did have a confidence issue. It did sound like confidence is not what I lacked but it was. I desperately wanted to be noticed, I desperately wanted to be liked, and I desperately wanted to be praised for being awesome. These are not good motives but I am being brutally honest.

I honestly thought Hillsong Kids had been waiting for me their entire lives and I was going to be the answer to their prayers. I had done many children’s parties, I had busked, I had some skill and I thought that I could be the best thing since the bread slicer machine that made sliced bread…Well, it turns out that I was wrong and I needed to change my awful attitude.

Now here is where it gets funny. I rock up to Hillsong Conference, I go down to Hillsong Kids with my juggling clubs and balloons and I say “I am here, and you’re welcome”. They were so nice to me. They introduced me to one of the pastors who took the time to talk to me. They said they would love to have me help out but I just had to follow their normal procedures first. I needed to fill out a form and then tomorrow they could process it, do the necessary checks and then have me come back tomorrow night to help out.

I was shocked. Form???? I had to fill out a form??? Didn’t they know I could juggle 4 balls? Didn’t they know I could make a Winnie the Pooh out of balloons? How in the world have they survived without me???

I never filled out the form. One of the reasons was it asked for a pastors reference and I only knew my priest from back home and I wasn’t sure if that counted (oh, I was so young and silly, of course it counted). But the other reason was that that encounter with the kids team really impacted me. I realised that they had survived without me for many many years and they would continue to do so if I never joined. They wanted me to be a part of it, but they didn’t need me. This lesson is one that we all need to remember as we serve our church – it is not about you, but we all do care about you.

So that year I went to the night rallies and started to have my attitude and my life changed, especially as I started being planted in my church and I have never looked back. But this still doesn’t answer the question “how did I become Funny Man Dan”. That will be answered next week but I will tell you this……. I did finally fill out that form.

Have Fun.


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