What in the world do I blog about????

June 16th, 2011

Ok, here is the problem. I have a blog called “The Thursday Blog”, which many have hailed as a pure genius idea. It means I only blog once a week, every week and it gives the reader a nice sense of familiarity. Also it protects the blogger from what happens to all bloggers from time to time…….. they forget to blog. Then you get the wonderful posts like:

“Haven’t blogged in a while…


Ahhh, so life is good.


Oh, here is a video I found on Youtube where a guy sees a double rainbow.

(insert youtube link)

Life should be exciting”.

Some people try to avoid long gaps without blogging, by automatically posting what they have said on Twitter for that week:

“I had pizza for lunch”

@samluce how about those redsocks!!! #genericsportshashtag

So pumped to see @jimwideman at #orange #kidmin #ican’tbelieveigot2meetJimWideman #ishouldofaskedforhisautograph

I just read @davewakerley ‘s blog. Man that video about the double rainbow is awesome.

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WITH THAT????? Seriously I read it on twitter during the week why do I need to read it again on your blog. It is like we are celebrating the achievement of placing something on the internet by having it do a victory lap on multiple platforms.

This final blog type is the worst. It is the blog where we take 2 minutes to ask a question and hope that people comment and start a discussion. This is basically outsourcing the blog to those who are willing to comment because their input will make the blog great. In the meantime the blogger is laughing like a fat cat whilst other people make them look interesting.

So now I found myself in the situation where I don’t know what to blog about. I can’t do the first one as all the good Youtube clips have already appeared on Samluce.com. I can’t do the second one as I haven’t really twittered anything of notable variety lately since I tweeted about that weirdo who predicted the end of the world getting it mixed up with the end of Oprah’s show. It was such a great tweet but that was the 21st May, much too late for a weekly update. I could do the last one but I am averaging 1 to 2 comments a week so it would be a very small debate.

So what am I going to talk about when I have nothing to talk about? The answer is ………… nothing. Instead I am simply going to leave it there and go and ……

Have Fun.


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2 Responses to “What in the world do I blog about????”

  1. Crystal Card Says:

    Regardless, your blogging about blogging about nothing, was still very entertaining. ha.

  2. Cha Says:

    I agree with Crystal. It’s also hard not to fall into those categories of bloggers but i do agree that they are not exciting things to read.

    Love your blog. Love your work. Go Dan!

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