June 9th, 2011

Hi there, I hope you are well, in fact I hope that that friend who is currently having an issue in their relationship  takes your advice and sits down to talk it through (only to find out that they both deeply care for each other and sometimes when tension comes it is the simply clashing of two personalities and they shouldn’t take it personally).

Gosh I am feeling in a very specific mood.

Ok, tonight’s episode is talking about:


oh what a night…. late December back in 63..

What did I do there? I took the word success which is usually a positive word and made it a negative but saying it sucks. Clever hey. Now how does that get us to Jersey Boys the musical? I have no idea but it does.

So I went to Jersey Boys the musical. My parents are visiting the big city of Sydney where I live. I refer to it as ‘a big city’ only because compared to the city they are from it has 16,000% more people living in it. The cool thing about having family visit is you get to do all the tourist things that you wouldn’t normally do or even know that were on. One of those things was going to Jersey Boys.

Now I normally get my theatre tickets from a company called Showbiz. This is a company that pre-buys tickets from the actual ticket company ie ticketek, ticketmaster; and then they put them into a package. One of those packages I have never tried is called ‘Dinner and a Show’ where you get a free dinner at your choice of 6 really nice restaurants and the cost is about the same as a ticket. I couldn’t understand how they could do this until I saw our ticket allocation. The last row, up the back to the far right where you are advised to bring your own oxygen tanks. We didn’t mind as the show is all about the music.

A few weeks before the show I got an email with the title of “Great News”. The email lived up to its name as it told me we had been upgraded to much better seats. On the floor to the far left. We went from E grade to C grade seats. The funny thing is that when we got there the view wasn’t that great, seeing as we were close to stage it gave a blocked view even though it was close. We may of been better in E grade.

The show was about to start when we noticed that the theatre was fairly empty. We started to plan a little upgrade as soon as the lights went out for the first song. Whilst we were debating whether it was worth the risk, the usher came and told us we were free to move up and take any seat we liked. Next thing we knew, we were in the A-grade section, seated like royalty. Ok the seats were the same but the view was great. We felt like those that Jesus mentioned in the bible, who sat at the lower end of the table then got invited to the head of the table, then started singing ‘oh what a night’.

The show was excellent!!! The Australian cast were absolutely amazing and performed to perfection. The music was wonderful and the story line (a true story) was compelling. There was one part of it that really hit me hard and I wanted to quickly share it with you.

It was the story of the band The Four Seasons, centreing around their lead singer Frankie Valli. This group achieved major international success and made an impact on the music industry; they were so big they were inducted in the Rock and Roll hall of Fame. Frankie Valli went on to do even more and is still in the music business today. But there was this one part in the show that gave a glimpse into what all this success meant to him.

The love of his life, the woman he married, the one he wanted to be with forever filed for a divorce. He was on the road working so they could have a good life when all they wanted was a father. He had three girls whom he loved dearly but never saw them grow up as he was never around. When everything was going right in his career but wrong at home he says this ‘I have had it all, but if you have a wife that loves you and kids that want to be with you, you have much more that me’.

Success for the sake of success sucks. Nothing is more important than people. There are a lot of things I wish to do and be successful in, but if they mean I need to sacrifice my relationship with my family, there is no return big enough that will make me pay that price.

Have Fun.


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2 Responses to “Sucks-ess”

  1. Crystal Card Says:

    Fantastically wonderful, I think all of us ‘driven’ individuals need reminder of what REAL success looks like… Thanks for sharing! Have a Happy Thursday!

  2. Nathan Anderson Says:

    Good blog post. In a locker room a while back at the YMCA, a man overheard my friend and my conversation about our kids and started weeping. His kids were grown, and he had missed their childhood, just like Frankie did.

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