“Cash without a cause”

June 3rd, 2011

Hi there everyone.

No time for small talk, let’s get into today’s topic which is:

“Cash without a cause”

Hi there. The hidden message is back. I hope you are well.

Money may have the power to make the world go round but sometimes I doubt the power I have in my wallet. I could have $5 to feed myself but I would rather have $5,000,000 to feed a nation or even $300,000,000,000 which experts say could put a end to global poverty in 10 years. Now that is power that unfortunately I do not have…… yet.

Yes in this episode we will discuss how you too can make thousands of dollars a day working only a few hours a week from your own home. Just email me at: makeheapsamoney44@hotmail.com. Gosh those spam emails make me laugh. If they really were making that money they could afford an email address that isn’t a free hotmail account. We will not be talking about how to make money today.

Today we will be simply discussing an experience that I had over the last week. I was rich, rich I tell you, I WAS RICH!!!!!! Let me explain.

As you may know I went to Amsterdam for my good mate Spronky’s wedding. You know he is a very close friend as The Netherlands is not close to Australia at all, even by plane. Now in my everyday life I am a responsible manager of the money that the Good Lord has given me, by having a budget. I flirted on and off with a budget in my single days, but I got really serious about it when I got married –  every dollar that has come to us and we have parted ways with, has been accounted for. I have been married for nearly 4 years and I can tell you how much money we spent on groceries for the week ending 2/09/2007. The answer is $126.30 in case you were wondering.

Now our budget has advanced over the years and now we are running with 21 categories each with different weekly allowances. This is a big complicated budget that we need to spend time on each week. Every time we purchase something we need to allocate where this money is coming from and do we have available credit in that category. But when I go on holidays everything is different.

On holidays one of my favourite things is that especially overseas ones, I budget a daily allowance and there is only one category. Flights and accommodation is prepaid so this money is simply for food, experiences and shopping (though more of the first two). This means I only have one category which is such a treat. I either spend my allowance and then get more the next day or don’t spend it all and get even more the next day. Cool huh.

When I went to Amsterdam I had no idea how much things would cost over there or what in the world I was doing. I was there to help my mate get to the altar and have a great time doing so, which I did. I took a lump sum of money over there for the 8 days, it wasn’t thousands but it was a generous daily allowance and it turned out to be more than enough. My accommodation was sorted, I was blessed by several people including my mate who cooked a meal or two for me so every chance I had to spend money I did. There wasn’t a desire that I denied myself, if I wanted it I simply pulled out some Euros and got it. I was in all definition of the word, “rich”. I had such a wonderful time with my friend and the expereince of not having any fincial responsiblity was fun but I do not prefer it. Why? Because I was without my two Princess’ who were waiting for me in Australia.

I only had a sample of a few days of being wealthy but I found that there it can only be enjoyed if you have people to share it with. I much prefer my massive budget at home. Yes it means I can’t spend without thinking, yes it means I can’t treat myself whenever I want to whenever I like, yes it means a lot of hours recording everything, placing it into categories, managing incoming wages etc; but I rather that because that budget means I can adequately look after my family and to grow it. The cash on my holidays didn’t have a purpose except for providing me with some enjoyment, but the money I earn at home has such an important cause that it makes it worthwhile.

I am believing that in the future I will have great amount of money but I am also believing that I will have a cause that is bigger than my bank balance.

Have Fun.


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