“Trains, Planes and Automobiles – So unfair”

May 13th, 2011

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am back.

Pause for celebration.

A little bit more.

There are a few not done yet.

Ok we are good. Yes I am back from my Easter holiday and I am feeling great. We had such a good time away with family and I am ready to get back into life, put my head down and work hard ………..until my next holiday……………next week.

Yeah, sometime I pinch myself because I live a very blessed life. This next holiday wasn’t planned by us but it is something I am very much looking forward to. My very close friend David Spronk is getting married. So I am flying over to Amsterdam (that is where he lives, i’m not just going there to celebrate), to witness the event of the year, where he marries his beautiful fiancee Hannah. Unfortunately what lies ahead of me is 24 hours of travel to get there, which is what we will be exploring in today’s episode:

“Trains, Planes and Automobiles – So unfair”

Travel and I have an interesting relationship. We were mortal enemies when I was younger. I grew up in a small city in sunny Tasmania. For those who don’t know where Tasmania is, it is an island state of Australia, just like Hawaii except a few degrees colder. For those travelling to Australia, you will not find a more naturally beautiful island in the world but pack a scarf. Now one of the advantages of living in Tasmania was everything was close. In my hometown you could get from one end to the other in about 7 minutes by car. This means you were at any one time less than 10 minutes from anywhere you wanted to be. There will be a few of the audience who are in the same boat and it is a big advantage of living in smaller cities and towns.

You would think someone who had his world so close would be fine with travel. Well I am not. I find it hard to wait for the microwave to warm up my food let alone travel 5 minutes from home for the supermarket. I always struggled with the fact that at the other end of the wait was what I wanted but I had to wait!!! So not fair.

On occasion we need to travel a long distance. In fact it was a really long car ride that would bring most to tears. We had relatives in another city an eternity away and we would visit up to 4-6 times a year. I would always enjoy visiting but the travel was so excruciating. The amount of time we had to spend to get there would bring a tear to most people’s eyes and some of you may faint when you hear how long we had to stay in the car. We had to travel for ……………. 55 minutes.

So unfair.
What can you do when you are travelling? You can’t run, you can’t kick a ball, you can hardly play any games. We had travel monopoly but that wasn’t that good. Do you know how hard it is negotiate a deal to buy The Boardwalk/Mayfair whilst the car is jerking around, the hat token is flying off the board and your money is falling down the cracks of the seat!!!

So unfair.

Dad would be trying to introduce group games. I would always forget what in the world the person bought from the supermarket or took to a deserted island. I would then spend 30 minutes trying to guess every imaginable thing that my little sister could spy with her little eye that began with “R” to have her announce at the end “Car”. The only thing I could possibly do to pass the time, that was physically possible and viable whilst sitting was to read. One problem – YOU CAN’T READ IN A CAR BECAUSE YOU GET SICK!!!!!!!!

So unfair.

Let’s fast forward a few years to today and here you find a man that chose to drive 35 hours return and enjoyed every second of it. This same man has 24 hours of travel ahead of him next week and he is looking forward to not just the trip but also the travel. The travel hasn’t changed but the traveller has. What happened? Travel with me to next week to find out.

Have Fun


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