The King’s Message (collectors edition)

May 6th, 2011

Hello everyone and welcome to a collectors edition of The Thursday Blog. What does a collectors edition mean? Well it means we pan through the gold of yesteryear to find even better gold made out of diamonds and we present it to you slightly repackaged so it feels like a new episode but when in reality it is not.

This is that episode on sitcoms they do once a season where all they constantly have flashbacks to fill the episode. The difference between an episode like that and this episode is that you will actually enjoy it.

I found something I wrote 18 months ago that I really liked. It is a creative piece with a hidden message. The message is something that is dear to me and something that I wish to tell everybody especially children. Feel free to use this as an activity or a message in your kids ministry. You can even change the name or words but be careful as it is carefully structured and written to contain a hidden message. Every word and shorthand (e.g sometimes I write at as @) is deliberate and necessary. So don’t change it and ruin the message and then say to your kids that FMD made this up so when the message is messed up they start booing and yelling ‘let’s hunt FMD down!!!!!’.

So I am proudly presenting:

The King’s Message

The story starts @ the kingdom called Norrid, situated near the sea where the breeze could be sold for millions. Dan who was male, young & had the world @ his feet lived here. Fast-forwarding through my story, we notice Dan finding himself standing within the kingdom’s palace.

“Hey u” said the big security guard, “are you here to help the King?”. ‘Help the King?’ Dan thought, ‘Surely someone like me could not help’. For Dan thought himself to be common & not unique…but then the burly bouncer pushed him through the door and Dan found himself standing beside the throne. The room was extravagantly breathtaking & he was speechless. The King said “Do you like my room?” with cheeky grin.

“Amazing!” stuttered Dan.

Then the King lost his smile “this land’s troubled young knight & we need your help”.

“My help??… Knight??… These terms have not described me before Your Majesty”. The King’s grin returned. “Adventure stands before you my son.”

“Your Majesty, for years my heart has eagerly yearned for such things, but my dreams have faded, there’s nothing but the simple life that awaits me. You must search for someone different my King.”

The King’s grin ceased & fury mixed with love filled his face. “If what you see before u sits the King with His power, you need to listen to my message & you need to understand…….

The message that the King had for Dan is the same message He has for you and me. To find out the message re-read the story above and search for all the words that start with a vowel. There lies your 12-word message.

Have Fun with your Adventure.


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